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TraceWriterLibraryCE is a library that is designed to collect data from various sensors (GPS, WIFI, MSB, etc) and write the data to a UWAR data stream, either to a file or two a network socket. The library is implemented as a C++ DLL, to be run on the Pocket PC platform. There is no GUI for the library since it's designed to be user-interface independent. A simple GUI is available at UWAR:Tutorial:TraceWriterPrime, though you may wish to create a custom GUI/wrapper as is appropriate for your application.

The code is available as Visual Studio 2005 project out in UWAR CVS under the 'TraceWriterLibraryCE' module.

Revision History

  • Original version written by Jonathan Lester et. al. including simple GUI, support for the big three sensors, and file output.
  • Next version rewritten by Brian Ferris to separate the library from the GUI, adding network otuput.
  • With introduction of Version 2.0 of the UWAR data format, Brian rewrote the library as appropriate and moved to a more C++ OOP design (as oppossed to the C structs and function pointer approach from the initial implementation)
  • 02-08-2006 - Brian Ferris - Upgraded project to build under Visual Studio 2005. Before upgrade, tagged existing code base as TraceWriterLibraryCE-pre-vs2005. After upgrade, tagged code base as TraceWriterLibraryCE-post-vs2005.