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TraceWriterPrime is a simple application for collecting data from sensors such as the MSB, GPS, or Wifi on an iPAQ. To get started, you will need a working iPAQ. Install the TraceWriterPrime and MFC application packages, as described in the Mobile Packages documentation. If you are collecting MSB data, install any additional applicable hardware drivers as well.

Once installed, you're ready to run the TraceWriterPrime application. Select the iPAQ 'Start' menu in the upper left and select the 'Programs' entry. Look for the 'UWAR TraceWriter' application and select it. You should be presented with the following screen:

File:UWAR Tutorial TraceWriterPrime 01.png

This is the main control screen for data collection. Before we collect data, however, we must specify which sensors to monitor and where to write the data. Click on the 'Sensors' tab to begin.

File:UWAR Tutorial TraceWriterPrime 02.png

The Sensors page presents a list of available sensors. Simply select the ones you wish to collect data with. Note that for Wifi, the list of available wireless adapters is automatically generated. If you don't see any entries here, you either don't have Wifi on your iPAQ or Wifi is not enabled.

Next we move on to the 'Outputs' tab:

File:UWAR Tutorial TraceWriterPrime 03.png

The Outputs page allows us to control where UWAR trace data will be written. We can write to disk and to a network stream.

For file output, specify the directory where traces should be written. Note that \ and \My Documents generally won't work for output, since the iPAQ makes some restriction on where applications can create files and directories. Better options are \SD Card or \iPAQ File Store if you don't have an SD card available.

For network output, specify a hostname and network socket. The raw UWAR data stream will be sent over a TCP socket to the specified host. Be sure your iPAQ is setup to support such network operations.

At this point, you're ready to collect data. Go back to the 'Trace' tab and select start.

File:UWAR Tutorial TraceWriterPrime 04.png

As data is collected from your sensors, the bytes transferred progress bar keeps a running total of the amount collected thus far. Diagnostic messages are printed to the Messages list. When you are ready to stop collecting data, simply press 'Stop'.