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A collection of software packages for Windows Mobile devices that include many common UWAR tools and dependencies.

All the packages are located in the


directory. The current list includes:

  • UWAR.PPC2003.CAB, UWAR.WM5.CAB - The main UWAR tool pack for both Pocket PC 2003 and Windows Mobile 5 devices. Includes:
    • TraceWriterPrime - Simple data collection tool
    • IMoteCommander - Tool for controlling the IMote remotely over bluetooth
    • TraceWriterLibraryCE2 DLL and Java binding DLL
  • l10n-pocket.CAB
  • MFC.PPC2003.CAB, MFC.WM5.CAB - Provides MFC classes for Pocket PC 2003 and Windows Mobile 5 devices
  • J9.CAB - A Java VM from IBM. Provides Java Personal Profile 1.1 along with SWT 3.2
  • vxUtil.ppc3_arm.CAB - Swiss Army Knife utility program (ping,network info, etc)
  • RatocUSBDriver.CAB - Driver for the Ratoc USB card for the iPAQ. Required if you plan on connecting an MSB (or any other device through the Ratoc card)
  • SocketComm-SD-Wifi.CAB - Driver for the SocketComm SDIO Wifi card
  • FTDISerial.CAB - Driver for the FTDI Serial-Over-USB chip used by the MSBv1 when connecting over USB. Requires the RatocUSBDriver (assuming you are using the Ratoc USB card).
  • UWSocialNets.CAB - UW Social Network Study 05-06 Data Collection Tool

To install a package, copy the CAB file from the network file space onto your device (SD Card, ActiveSync, etc). Once copied, start up File Explorer and browse to the location of the CAB file. Simply double click the CAB file to install the software. Note that once installed, the CAB file will automatically be removed.