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  • Great deals can be had at the moving/estate/yard sales that happen Saturday mornings in the spring/summer/fall (check out the classifieds in the Seattle Times. E.g. I found a $10 sofa. It was ugly, but had no upolstry damage.) (kepart, sep 2004)
  • Shiga's Imports, on the Ave. near the U. Bookstore (map) - inexpensive (and naturally, not top quality) futons; also Japanese housewares, gifts, Sanrio
  • Hardwick's, near campus on Roosevelt (map) - lots of used and unfinished furniture; also a general hardware store with an incredible tool selection
  • KMart and WalMart - by prices they beat IKEA and Fred Meyer; quality is very good; selling new furniture with no defects
  • Ikea, Renton (map) - low to mid-priced furniture, housewares
  • Fred Meyer - dept. store w/ basic furniture selection at Seattle locations in the Ballard and Greenwood neighborhoods (and possibly others). (Does anyone know whether the Lake City Way Fred Meyer has furniture?)

If you are looking for beds, there are several mattress shops in both Wallingford and near the Northgate Mall.

Any kind of furniture, at cheap prices:

There's also a "free" portion, where people are giving away stuff they don't want anymore: