Department stores in Seattle

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Department Stores

This is a list of those less expensive, K-Mart type stores, i.e., the kind of place you'd want to visit shortly after moving to Seattle as a budget-conscious grad student.

  • Fred Meyer (locations) - some locations even have groceries (e.g., Ballard), along with nearly everything else, it seems
  • K-Mart (locations)
  • Mattress Outlet - in Bellevue, Lynnwood, and new at Northgate (206) 365-1552

Julie Goldberg: "You can get very good-quality new beds for half what they'd cost anywhere else (i.e. $300 instead of $800). They sell seconds, but usually it's because the mattress cover got scratched in transport or something like that. And the box spring cover material never matches the material on the mattress itself. Big deal." (Sep 2001)

  • Target (locations) - at Northgate, Factoria, Redmond...
  • Wal-Mart (locations) - in Renton, Lynnwood...
  • Bed, Bath & Beyond (locations) - good for housewares; downtown location on 3rd Ave.