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Car Rental

09 Nov 2004, Valentin Razmov

Do check out Budget and their online rates ( They have a location on Roosevelt Ave and Ravenna Ave (~30 min walk from the dept). Their rates have recently dropped to as low as $15/day (note: this quote includes no insurance), and reserving online is much better than not online. So if you're planning to take a weekend trip some place more distant and don't want to drive your own car (or if you don't have a car), Budget is likely the best price in the neighborhood. And I can't complain about their service and expediency either.

24 Sep 2004 yasuhara

rental alternative: For short-term car needs (e.g., several hours), car-sharing program Flexcar can be more cost-effective. They offer a U-Pass discount, and you can drive around a Honda Civic (including some gas-electric hybrids) for about $7/h, which includes insurance, gas, everything. (They also have pickups, a minivan, and even a Miata convertible in their fleet.) As of recently, however, there's also a $35 annual membership fee. There are multiple car locations on campus, closest to CSE being at the HUB and Bloedel, southwest of the fountain.

June 5, 2001, From Peter Mork (pmork@cs)

We got great rates from Alamo. No idea yet how the service is/will be.

Hertz is pretty expensive, but the service was good. Make sure someone else is paying before going there.

A good online search tool is:

June 5, 2001, From Jayant Madhavan (jayant@cs)

I have always gone with Enterprise, they are not the most pricest and have a reasonable range of cars... and good customer service... never had any problems. I normally use the one on Roosevelt and 55th (approx), except on weekends.

June 5, 2001, From Craig S. Kaplan (csk@cs)

I've rented from a couple of places in Seattle, and the one I recommend the most is Enterprise, specifically the one at 56th and Roosevelt. Decent price, friendly staff, and good service, including giving you a lift somewhere after you drop off the car.