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  • The University Bookstore has an excellent selection of textbooks, "regular" books, and other items (such as UW clothing). Save your receipts, because students, faculty, and staff get about 10% back after turning them back in at the end of the year.
  • Barnes and Noble in U-Village is incredibly huge (the building used to be a department store).
  • Elliot Bay Book Company downtown has a great atmosphere, with a cozy cafe in the basement.
  • The U-District has several used bookstores, including Magus on 42nd.
  • The Seattle Public Library has a huge semiannual sale in the Fall and Spring where books are solds for 50 cents to a dollar a piece. It fills an entire warehouse in the former Sandpoint Naval Station.
    • Not exactly a bookstore but.... the Seattle Public Library lets you borrow eBooks, and you can read them on your mobile device or online using the OverDrive app. (not on your Kindle yet though, it seems) sbfan@cs 07/2011
  • Twice Sold Tales is a used bookstore with three locations and many cats.
    • U District Location has closed! So sad. (sbfan@cs, 07/2011) It's cute but be warned that its U. District location, at least, sticks obnoxious 1.5-inch plastic RFID tags on the pages of every one of its books. Sometimes they put the tag over printed areas, so you have to remove it to read the book. I wouldn't recommend buying anything from them until they change their anti-theft technology, at least not without inspecting beforehand to make sure that the RFID tag is in a conveniently removable location. [edit: Check with them before you show up with trade-in books, since when I tried that they weren't accepting trade-ins on the weekend and weren't accepting trade-ins at all without an appointment. -Tamara Denning, 04/07/2008]
  • Third Place books (6504 20th Ave NE) is a combined used/new bookstore with a bakery and some kind of bar downstairs. The atmosphere is very nice - a lot of wood surfaces and a fireplace - but I was irritated at how few of my trade-in books that they were interested in taking. Verdict: great for buying, lousy for selling. -Tamara Denning, 04/07/2008
  • Half Price Books (4709 Roosevelt Way NE) took almost all of the trade-in books that I had to offer, although they didn't offer top dollar for them. They have a small parking lot, which is convenient if you're bringing in a lot of books. The store is low on the decor, but has a pretty large selection of books and offers some software, music, and movies as well. -Tamara Denning