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Andrew Schwerin (26 Jul 2005)

While Recycled Cycles [1] is a good place to shop around, especially for used stuff, I have been happier with the service and selection at Montlake Cycles[2], in the Montlake neighbordhood, about a mile south of campus. They're extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and attentive. Their mechanics do good work, and stand by it. Easily accessible on foot, or from the 43 or 48 bus. Gregg's Greenlake[3] is also pretty good.

Ania Mitros (22 Nov 2004)

  • Recycled Cycles[1] sells used bikes and used bike parts. They're a good place to go if you want inexpensive parts. Their sales people are very knowledgeable and friendly. They've been very helpful to me with advice on how to do my own repair work with parts that I purchased from them. I unfortunately had a bad experience buying a used "refurbished" bike from them for $130. The bike had a bunch of stuff wrong with it, some attributable to it being an older bike, but some that should have been caught by a semi-competent mechanic if he'd given a damn and bothered to look. Their head mechanic is knowledgeable, so I think he just didn't bother to take the time to actually check the bike out. Since then, I don't buy anything expensive at Recycled unless I feel competent to assess its quality myself.
  • Ti Cycles[4] sells really nice (and proportionately expensive) bikes and parts. The price for labor (service), though, is comparable to other shops. They've been super nice and super helpful with advice. This is where I would go to have someone work on my bike.
  • Gregg's[3] sells a lot of road bikes, rents nice road bikes, and knows about road bikes. This is good to know in a world where mountain bikes seem more popular lately. A bit upscale.
  • Performance[5] carries discount (good price) new bikes and parts. See also online competitor Nashbar[6]
  • UW Surplus[7] sometimes sells used bikes. In the fall, they have an auction where they sell bikes that were abandoned at UW over the summer. Prices depend totally on how many people show up and how excited they get about bidding, but it's possible to end up with a ridable bike for $5.
  • The HUB Bike Shop[8] is tops for convenient location and good prices. UW students and staff get a discount on parts, and this thus may well be the cheapest place to get new parts. The mechanics are UW students but as far as I've seen, they know what they're doing. They will also let you use their tools for free if you stop by when the shop isn't too busy. They've been helpful with helping me learn how to use the tools, too. If you're willing to do the work yourself, this is the cheapest way to get your bike fixed.

Matt Cary (4 Jan 2001)

  • Recycled Cycles[1] is a good place to go. it's just a couple blocks from campus, on Boat Street next to the University Police. Easily walkable from the department.
  • Another good shop is Gregg's Greenlake[3] (or the sister store on aurora).
  • recycled cycles sells used bikes, which is probably what you're looking for. Gregg's is a little more upscale.

Steve Wolfman (4 Jan 2001)

Gregg's Cycles on Greenlake[3] and its two sister stores Aurora Cycles[9] and Bellevue (?) are excellent. Wide selection, and I've always gotten friendly help from the staff. For the three people in the department (including me) who care, Aurora Cycles also happens to be the best shop in Seattle for recumbent bicycles (and, in particular, comes recommended by the folks at Advanced Transportation Products who manufacture the Vision line).


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