Soctech Seminar - Spring 2008 - Outline

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Consider this an outline / annotated bibliography / white board for posting resources and organizing ideas.

What is journalism?

What is a blog?

  • Possible unique elements of blogs:
    • Links to competition
    • Quicker / community process for corrections
    • Depth and breadth of coverage
    • Scope of access?
    • Audience?
  • Types of blogs
  • Roles of blogs

Publishers vs Authors

  • Applicable rights and obligations
  • Safe Harbor clauses
  • Who owns content?

Legal questions

  • What laws exist?
  • Who do they apply to?
  • Legal vs social contracts

Corporate Blogging

  • Can your employer regulate your speech? Your personal blog?
  • Astroturfing

Business Models

  • How to make money from blogs
  • Death of old media

International Perspectives

  • International blogs
  • Global perspectives
  • "Global freedom of the press"?


  • How can you trust a blog?
  • How to reference a blog?
  • What roles can the following play:
    • Peer review?
    • Editors?
    • Editorial board?




"Hindman’s research also establishes a stronger pedigree in terms of elite education and advanced post- graduate degrees for the top bloggers than for the country’s leading op-ed columnists. And the top news Web sites have 30 times the traffic of the top political and public affairs Web sites."

From footnotes of State of the News Media 2008

What makes you a journalist? On the subject of Josh Wolf: