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Do not demand as much information as possible. - For each bit of data that you have there should be a clear policy (reasons known to the transit agencies). What you are collecting and why.

Be aware of the powers of data mining.

Data access should be known

Everything you have should be in contract.

Try not to violate users's privacy.

If you can gather the information in aggregate, do so. It is a liability to have the data around.

Commercial partner. - Be aware of things like the americans with disability act. if you collect bus stop information. you may get information about planned parenthood and the like. publicity and liability issues are huge.

- As an institutional partner, you should be pushing for a flat and anonymous rate. Allow a contract where the transit agency control the pricing so the partner isn't.

- Factor for the greater good, if you allow for max flexibility you build trust and better the environment, better the companies reputation.

- If there are proprietary information on the card (including a user id that is used in ms), that might be accessed by other companies. There is no clear firewall between systems so you should assume that everything you know, your partners know as well.

- Make sure to use a random salt on the card. Targeted hostility may be a problem if users know Microsoft employees are on the bus.

- There is a good reason to keep the cards separate if at all possible. While the card can support applications. Leaked information could be a issue -- not cleartext but can still read information from encryption.

- Allow users to opt -out in a meaning way and still get some of the rates that the linked card has. If possible to go fully anonymous, then please do so.

- Each corporation has it's own different purposes. Understand that data could be supoeaned in court and so there are liability issues.

- Before deploying a system, it might nice to ask the users what they think to prevent a mutiny. Don't make it a forced-condition of employment. Avoiding mutiny is a good idea.]

- the transit agencies collect a ton of data. if the data you have cannot be supoenead, the transit agencies has a super set of the data which can be supoenaed.. by the press and by law enforcement. just because you control a subset doesnt mean you control all of it. location data can do all sorts of tricky things given the right algorithm.

- the data is a double edged sword. it can be useful and a liability.

- It's unlikely that the card the point of failure. if you collecting some transit, understand that employees shouldnt have access to this data. there are smart people at msft, but there are stalking scnearios.

- determine what you term as abuse. that abuse is transit agency considers abuse and so the users should be clear about it.

- bus drivers cannot be enforcers of your policies. they are just state employees.