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CSE 590ET Seminar Overview

As of 2005 Winter, this is the new wiki for the CS education seminar CSE 590ET. Although it is officially titled Educational Technology, the seminar's topics include anything related to the practice of teaching CS, including general engineering education. The seminar is open to anyone interested in CS/engineering education (including undergraduates, graduate students, and faculty, regardless of department). In a typical week, we read a short article and meet for an informal discussion.

Attendees should subscribe to the seminar mailing list, whose web archives are available for list members.

The seminar is affiliated with the Education and Technology research group in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering. Home pages for past offerings are linked on the department's main page for CSE 590ET. Contact Richard Anderson for more information.

For convenient linking to this page, the URL www.cs.washington.edu/590et/ is set up to automatically forward to this page. From computers on campus, www.cs/590et/ even works!

2005 Winter Offering

Time: Thursdays, 9:20 - 10:20 AM

Location: CSE 303 (except first two meetings will take place in CSE 305)

Winter quarter the ET seminar will focus on technology and teaching. Each week we will look at a different technology and discuss the following issues:

  1. Usability, interface design
  2. Educational theory underlying the technology
  3. Teaching/learning practices that the technology affords/enables
  4. Teaching advice: when and how we should use the technology when teaching

candidate topics list (subject to change and suggestion):

  1. Tutoring systems
  2. Distance learning (synchronous)
  3. Classroom Response Systems
  4. Student Submissions
  5. Handheld devices (Solloway)
  6. Tutored Video Instruction
  7. Digital Ink-based presentation
  8. Programming environments (this could easily span multiple weeks)


date topic resources discussion
Jan 6 Student submissions with Classroom Presenter Simon et al. ITiCSE 2004 Richard Anderson Demo in CSE 305
Jan 13 Student submissions with Classroom Presenter Richard Anderson Seminar particants will demonstrate activities to the 'Class'. In 305
Jan 20 Hand held devices in the classroom More than Just Fun and Games Sarah Schwarm CSE 303
Jan 27 Classtalk: A Classroom Communication System for Active Learning Dufresne et al. Jon Froehlich
Feb 3 The E-Gems Project Computer Games, Education and Interfaces: The E-GEMS Project Richard Anderson
Feb 10 Livenotes: A system for cooperative and augmented note-taking in lectures Kam et al. Ken Yasuhara
Feb 17 Student Construction of Virtual Environments Winn et al. Shamus Johnson
Feb 24: Cancelled for SIGCSE
March 3 SIGCSE papers Patterns of Plagiarism, Synthesis and Analysis of Automatic Assessment Methods in CS1 Richard Anderson and Tammy VanDeGrift
March 10 Alice: A programming environment for novices Main paper: Designing the Whyline: A Debugging Interface for Asking Questions About Program Behavior,
Paper about the development of Alice: Alice: Lessons Learned from Building a 3D System for Novices,
Paper about using Alice in CS1: Teaching Objects-first in Introductory Computer Science
Tammy VanDeGrift