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The society and technology interest group (soctech) is an informal interest group that we are starting up among UW-CSE students to promote awareness of various social computing issues, in both CSE and the UW. We plan to collaborate with other departments, with possible aims including the production of cross-departmental courses, lecture series, or white papers.

We're just getting started; we have a mailing list, soctech@cs. Here's the public list info page.

Current activities

  • soctech seminar: Weekly seminar/reading group held in CSE; open to all students

Less active (left here mostly for archival purposes):

People and organizations

This is a non-exhaustive list of people and intra-UW institutions at UW who are interested in, or relevant to, society/technology topics. We're in contact with most of these people informally.

People and organizations

Current people

Current UW-CSE coordinator: Travis Kriplean

Current UW law coordinator: Jim Sfekas

Other students (feel free to add your name here):


Past members of (and collaborators with) soctech@cs...

UW organizations

We're in informal contact with most of these, or have been in the past. The extent to which we actually work with them varies widely.

Relevant courses

UW courses

Outside courses





  • David J. Farber, prof. of computer science and public policy at Carnegie Mellon
  • Paul Agre, prof. of information studies at UCLA
  • Lawrence Lessig, professor of law at Stanford
  • Yochai Benkler, professor of law at Yale, director of Engleberg Center for Information Law and Policy at NYU
  • Jonathan Zittrain, professor of law at Harvard and co-founder of the Berkman Center
  • Hal Varian, professor in the schools of Information Management and Systems, school of Business, and Dept. of Economics at UC Berkeley

Research centers and groups outside UW

General interdisciplinary

(Vaguely I-schoolish)

Security focus

Intellectual property or economics focus

Sociological or humanities focus




Funding agencies and programs

Mailing lists




  • SoftwarePluralism project: a balanced resource for users, lawyers, and businesspeople to make informed decisions about software development models.