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Disclaimer of responsibility

The content of these pages may be edited by any web site visitor. Nothing on these pages is endorsed by the State of Washington, the University of Washington, the Department of Computer Science, or anybody besides the person who posted it, and maybe not even by that person. Caveat lector.

Disclaimer of privacy

When you edit pages, your IP address and (if you are logged in) your username will be recorded in the page's edit history. If this bothers you, you should not edit pages on this wiki, or you should use an anonymizing proxy. In addition, our departmental computing support may log the IP addresses, referrers, and other information about website visitors. Generally this information will only be used for administrative purposes (including, but not limited to, protecting the server against abuse), but we do not guarantee any limitations on the use of this information other than those limitations guaranteed by United States and Washington State law.

Disclaimer of intellectual property

This wiki is a collaborative tool for public use. By editing pages here, you agree to allow others to modify and reproduce your work without limitation all over the world. info info1 info2 info3 info4 info5 info6 info7 info8 info9 info10 info11 info12 info13 info14 info15 info16 info17 info18 info19 info20 info21 info22 info23 info24 info25 info26 info27 info28 info29 info30 info31 info32 info33 info34 info35 info36 info37 info38 info39 info40 info41 info42 info43 info44 info45 info46 info47 info48 info49 info50 info51 info52 info53 info54 info55 info56 info57 info58 info59 info60 info61 info62 info63 info64 info65 info66 info67 info68 info69 info70 info71 info72 info73 info74 info75 info76 info77 info78 info79 info80 info81