Pit Party 2011

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This page contains information for the 2011 CSE Pit Party.

When: 6:00 PM on Friday September 30, 2011

Where: The Burke Museum on the corner of 15th Ave NE and NE 45th St (on UW Campus).

What to bring:

  • New Grads - Nothing
  • Everyone Else - Sign up below with which dish you will bring.

When signing up please try to keep the selection balanced.

The department will provide drinks and cups, plates, silverware, etc. And cake.

Guests (friends, family, significant other etc.) are certainly welcome to attend. If you're bringing something for the potluck, just try to bring enough to feed you and however many guests you're bringing.


The Burke is a 10 minute walk from the CSE department. There are bike racks and the museum is easy to reach via public transit. A map can be found here.

Parking is run by UW and the usual parking fees apply. The most convenient entrance if you are driving is the one on 17th NE off of NE 45th. Driving directions below (please remember to find a DD!).

  • From I-5: Exit east onto NE 45th Street. Travel east on NE 45th Street to 17th Avenue NE. Turn right onto 17th. The museum will be immediately on your right.
  • From Highway 520: Exit north onto Montlake Boulevard NE. Turn left onto NE Pacific Street. Turn right and head north on 15th Avenue NE. Turn right and head east on NE 45th St. Take your next right on 17th Avenue NE. The museum will be immediately on your right.

After Party

Venue TBD. Are *you* willing to host?


Main Courses

  1. Pedro Domingos
  1. Sai Zhang

Side Dishes

  1. Yuriy
  2. Franzi


  1. Lindsay -- 2 huge cakes
  2. Yoav Artzi
  3. Chloe Kiddon
  4. Adrian Sampson