Pit Party 2008

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This page contains information for the 2008 CSE Pit Party.

When: 6:30 PM on Saturday September 27, 2008.

Where: Pacific Science Center

What to bring:

  • New Grads - Nothing
  • Everyone Else - Sign up below with which dish you will bring.

When signing up please try to keep the selection balanced, so that we do not end up with 50 desserts and no main dishes.

The department will provide drinks and cups, plates, silverware, etc.

Guests (friends, family, significant other etc.) are certainly welcome to attend. If you're bringing something for the potluck, just try to bring enough to feed you and however many guests you're bringing.


  1. Craig Prince
  2. Alice Neels
  3. Stef Sch...
  4. Aniruddh Nath
  5. Kevin Wampler
  6. Joe Devietti

Main Courses

  1. Anna Cavender
  2. David Notkin
  3. Magda Balazinska
  4. Tadayoshi Kohno
  5. Kate Moore
  6. Alex Colburn
  7. Stephen Friedman
  8. Ivan Beschastnikh
  9. Tammy Denning
  10. James Fogarty
  11. Brian Van Essen

Side Dishes

  1. Kate Everitt
  2. Sandra B. Fan
  3. Noah Snavely
  4. Travis Kriplean
  5. Dan Weld
  6. Erik Andersen
  7. Aaron Kimball
  8. Tyler Robison
  9. Ben Ylvisaker


  1. Karl Koscher (nom nom nom)
  2. Richard Davis
  3. Dan Grossman
  4. Steve Seitz
  5. Yaw Anokwa
  6. Luis Ceze
  7. Mickey Toomim
  8. Charlie Reis