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This is the wiki page for topics to be discussed in the LIL group meetings. While one person will be officially leading the group in each session, the group will be structured in the form of a discussion.

We will be meeting at CSE 624 on Thursdays at 4:30. We also have a mailing list lil-group (

Schedule: Winter 11

Date Paper Authors Link Leader Info
1/13/11 Readings from "What is meaning?" Paul Portner

Will email copies.

Mark Chap 1, 2, 3 :

1. The fundamental question

2. Putting a meaning together from pieces

3. More about Predicates

Schedule: Fall 10

Date Paper Authors Link Leader Info
12/9/2010 Better Alignments = Better Translations? Kuzman Ganchev, João Graça, Ben Taskar Mark ACL-08
12/2/2010 Posterior Regularization for Structured Latent Variable Models Kuzman Ganchev, João Graça, Jennifer Gillenwater, Ben Taskar Yoav Journal of Machine Learning Research-2010
11/18/2010 Generalized Expectation Criteria for Bootstrapping Extractors using Record-Text Alignment Kedar Bellare, Andrew McCallum Raphael EMNLP-09

Suggested Papers:

Paper Authors Link Info
Discriminative Learning over Constrained Latent Representations Ming-Wei Chang and Dan Goldwasser and Dan Roth and Vivek Srikumar NAACL-10
On the Use of Virtual Evidence in Conditional Random Fields Xiao Li EMNLP-09
Prototype-driven learning for sequence models Aria Haghighi,Dan Klein NAACL-06
Generalized Expectation Criteria Andrew McCallum, Gideon Mann, Gregory Druck Technical Report-07
Learning from Labeled Features using Generalized Expectation Criteria Gregory Druck, Gideon Mann, Andrew McCallum SIGIR-08