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=== Main Courses ===
=== Main Courses ===
David Notkin
# David Notkin
# Michael Ernst
Michael Ernst
# Sai Zhang
# Pedro Domingos
Sai Zhang
# Alex Jaffe
Pedro Domingos
Alex Jaffe
=== Side Dishes ===
=== Side Dishes ===
Max Libbrecht
# Max Libbrecht
# James Fogarty (Baked Mac & Cheese)
James Fogarty (Baked Mac & Cheese)
=== Desserts ===
=== Desserts ===
Andrea Francke (Swiss Walnut or Chestnut Pie)
# Andrea Francke (Swiss Walnut or Chestnut Pie)
# Yoav Artzi
Yoav Artzi
# Adrian
# Aaron Bauer
# Franzi Roesner
# James Lee
Aaron Bauer
Franzi Roesner
James Lee
== After Party ==
== After Party ==

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The annual CSE Holiday Party is coming soon:

When: 6:00 PM on Friday, December 2, 2011.

Where: Center for Urban Horticulture [1]

What to bring: Food! It's a potluck, so sign up below...

The department will provide drinks and cups, plates, silverware, etc.

Guests (friends, family, significant other etc.) are certainly welcome to attend. If you're bringing something for the potluck, just try to bring enough to feed you and however many guests you're bringing.


The party starts at 6pm! Be sure to show up in time to eat food and watch the hilarious skits! For people taking leftovers to the afterparty, please help clean up on your way out.)

6:00: Dinner

7:00: Dr. CSE

7:30: Faculty skit

8:30: Grad student skit

9:30-10:00: Take leftover beer to after party


The Center for Urban Horticulture is a quick drive / bus ride / walk east of campus. You can find it on the UW campus map at:


Find it on Google at:


It is also about a 15 min walk from the department. There is also plenty of parking on site, and bus routes 75 and 65 from campus go pretty much right there.

Potluck Sign-Up

To sign up, just add your name to the wiki. When signing up please try to keep the selection balanced, so that we do not end up with 50 desserts and no main dishes.

Note, to make edits on the wiki, you'll need to be logged in. If you don't already have a wiki account, just use:

u: HolidayParty

p: potluck


  1. Peter Henry
  2. Linda Shapiro

Main Courses

  1. David Notkin
  2. Michael Ernst
  3. Sai Zhang
  4. Pedro Domingos
  5. Alex Jaffe

Side Dishes

  1. Max Libbrecht
  2. James Fogarty (Baked Mac & Cheese)


  1. Andrea Francke (Swiss Walnut or Chestnut Pie)
  2. Yoav Artzi
  3. Adrian
  4. Aaron Bauer
  5. Franzi Roesner
  6. James Lee

After Party