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Dec 2004

From Peter Mork

I got taken to the cleaners by Bill Pierre. This was the repair shop affiliated with the string of dealerships along Lake City Way. I strongly recommend against buying any good/service from Bill Pierre.

On the plus side, I've had great service from Automax in Kenmore: (425) 485-8005. They've done a number of small repairs for me. When one repair wasn't quite right, I stopped by on my way home. They immediately redid the work, while the owner and I got espresso. They're also the only place that was able to determine why I was losing radiator fluid.

Nov 2004

From Valentin Razmov

I recommend Alex's Automotive on Roosevelt Ave NE near NE 58th St. Alex is very capable (he once diagnosed a problem that 3 other mechanics have failed to sniff), his service is excellent and rates are comparable to those of other mechanics I've been to.

29 Sep 2004

From Jessica Miller

If you have an American made car, I strongly recommend Gorman Auto Repair. They are very honest an nice. They drove me from Queen Anne to Capitol Hill when I dropped off my car and offered to pick me up. They also allowed me to mail in a check when I didn't have my checkbook with me.

Here is their info: Gorman Auto Repair 3817 Gilman Ave. W. Seattle, WA 98199 (206)282-4827

05 Sep 2001

From Tim James

Moore's Body Shop at 140th and Aurora. I've had great service on a couple of occasions.

04 Sep 2001

From ikalet@u (Ira Kalet)


My son Alan works at Bothell Auto Rebuild, and my car has been there several times. They do good work at reasonable prices, handle all the insurance companies, and just finished building a new building. They are on Bothell Way (522) and the phone number is 425 485-6388. You can tell Chris (the owner) that I referred you.

Ira Kalet Adjunct Associate Prof.

23 Oct 2000

From maria@cs (Maria Gullickson)

I take my Toyota to Carl's Foreign Car Service at 26th and 55th I've been very happy with their work and their honesty, plus Carl has a dog who is often found in the lobby :)

25 Sep 2000

From werner@cs (Dawn Werner)

I was about to recommend the same place, High Road Automotive. They've done a great job on our car, and are very attentive to service and details. The free inspection is great -- they even performed one for us when we were buying a new/used car last year, just so we would know everything about it and what would be in store for us. In general though, check out Car Talk's Ultimate Guide to Finding a Great Mechanic. You can search for mechanics based on whatever criteria you're interested in (make of car, location, etc.).

24 Sep 2000

From capell@cs (Steve Capell)

I've found High Road Automotive ( in Ballard to provide excellent service, although their prices seem a bit high to me. They specialize in Honda and Acura. Their model is somewhat unique, in that they do a free inspection of your car once a year and keep track of everything that they think is wrong with it. It's enlightening and depressing. I don't think they are dishonest in their assessment, but their standards are higher than mine regarding what really needs to be done.

4 Oct 1999

From rap@cs (Rachel Pottinger)

Edward's Automotive
128th and Aurora

Extremely helpful, honest, shows you what was wrong with your stuff, cheaper than the rest, cares about customers. We've (at this point) had leaks fixed, the rack and pinion replaced, and had our whole car theft thing dealt with there; they don't do unnecessary repairs. You may also want to look at the car talk site; they have a great set of ratings that you can search by area, car problem, make, etc. at

30 Nov 1992

From bri@cs (Brian ??)

In article <> you write:
>Can anybody recommend a good automoblie mechanic? (or let me know of ones
>to avoid so I don't get ripped off.) I have a 1983 Honda Civic.

We had very good luck with a person just north of NorthGate Center. Honda Specialties it was called. When we were selling the car people interested in it took it to a couple of different mechs who said that certain things had to be done to the car (to the tune of $200) when our guy explained that it was not necessary for that year of the car and when we asked him to do it anyway (to sell the car) he did it for about half the price of the others. Brian

30 Nov 1992

From kailun@cs (Kai-Lun Chan)

For cars that are several years old, I would suggest My Mechanics at 96th (or 97th ?) and Aurora. If you are driving along Aurora towards North, it should be on your left hand side. Their price is really good and quality is above average. I brought my 87 Accord there to change brakes, power steering pump, etc. However, the guy (Steve) there is busy all the time and you may need to wait for an hour or longer before he can look at your car even if you have an appointment. --kailun@lynx.cs

1 Dec 1992

From tod@cs (Tod Amon)

You're in luck, given that you own a Honda. I would strongly recommend "High Road Automotive" in Ballard. They used to be called "Dr. Honda" but Honda made them change their name. We've used them for about 4 1/2 years and they do an excellent job. Once, after a trip, my car was making a terrible noise, the engine sounded awful, and I was leary of what kind of damage had been done. They found a rock trapped in the exhaust pipe, and charged me all of $10. I could go on and on, but suffice it to say that they have my recommendation. -tod

1 Dec 1992

From lieberma@lynx (C.Mira Lieberman)

In response to your request for a good auto mechanic, I recommend Clinton Auto Repair on Roosevelt. The phone number is 524-3881. I have a 1988 Honda Civic, and I used to have a Toyota pick-up. He has always been very helpful and doesn't tell me I need alot of unnecessary work done, will check things for free and tell me it doesn't need to be done for a few months yet, etc. Mira Lieberman

1 Dec 1992

From bricker (Lauren Bricker)

I've had good luck with Import Car Service up in Kirkland. They've been able to figure out what's wrong with our cars (including a Fiat - doesn't that say it all). The one thing I would say against them is that they are not fast. They like to test and retest the car before returning it to you. Lauren

2 Dec 1992

From jwatson (Judy Watson)

I've been going to "Honda Specialties" for years -- they're honest and do great work. I have a 79 Honda CVCC and an 86 Honda Prelude. The owner is Greg Marshall: 361-0803, 11710 15th NE (about 1 mile NE of Northgate Mall) -- it's also on a bus line (#73) to the UW. Judy

2 Dec 1992

From wendyt@cabezon

I like the people at Pacific Rim, on Stone Way at about 40th.

From vass@cs (Vassily Litvinov), Aug 1996:

They have changed their attitute since then. They will do you a lot of unnecessary things and charge you for work that your car doesn't need. -vass 8/96

5 Dec 1992

From virgil@lynx (Virgil Bourassa)

After loads of bad luck, I hit on two good shops, both near each other in Bellevue. The first is Japanese Auto Parts & Service where I have my '82 Toyota Corolla serviced all the time, and also Independent Honda, where my (ex) wife has her '85 Accord serviced. While typing this, I remembered that Independent Honda moved to Totem Lake. Anyway, good luck. Virgil