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To develop C++ applications for the Pocket PC, you will need the following tools from Microsoft:

These tools require administrative access to your development machine.

Swiss Army Knife

The stock PocketPC is already pretty powerful with its built-in WIFI and Bluetooth, plus expansions slots for CF and SD (in reference to HP model hx4705). However, when you consider that you might want to attach all manner of other devices to the PocketPC (USB slot, serial slot, sensor board, GPS, GSM modem, another wifi card, etc), things begin to get crowded.

LNK Files

The Pocket PC supports files with extension "*.lnk" that package a command line instruction up in a clickable link in the File Explorer. For example, say you wish to create a link alias for a particular java program. Consider the following example

   63#\placelab\j9\bin\j9.exe -cp "classes.jar" "your.class.Main" ""

This is the general syntax of a lnk instruction. The line begins with a number specify the length of the command line, followed by a "#" character, and finally followed by the actual command line. Note the length parameter is the length of all characters following the "#" delimeter. Also note that Windows Mobile 2003 only supports a command line length of 255 characters or less. Save the given line in a file with extension "*.lnk", and it should be clickable as an application in the File Viewer.