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The following is an attempt to summarize the most recent athletic activities of computer science department members. All mailing lists are mailman unless otherwise noted.

  • To subscribe to a mailman list: Send email to mailman (at) cs (dot) washington (dot) edu with the text subscribe listname in the body of your email message. Or, see the mailman.cs.washington.edu web server for web-based list management.
  • To subscribe to a majordomo list: Send email to majordomo (at) cs.washington.edu with the text subscribe listname in the body of your email message.

Many of the web pages given are out of date, that does not mean that the team no longer plays. Feel free to edit this page with corrections or additions. The original maintainer of this page has graduated - if you'd like the job, please let the GSC know. If you are interested in playing a sport that has no listed contact, please volunteer for the position.


  • Mailing List: ima-bball at cs (majordomo)

In the winter quarter we have a men's intramural basketball team. The team practices in the mornings on weekdays throughout the year. Join the mailing list for practice announcements.

At a more relaxed level, a group of people play 9am Friday mornings at the IMA with some folks from Astro. This typically happens year round.


Washington is chock-full of incredible climbing, rock, ice, snow, aid, big wall, alpine. You name it it's all here.

Flag football

The department fields a co-rec intramural flag football team in the fall. We have practice once a week and a game each week.


See the FüßBallLadder.


  • Mailing List: hikers at cs
  • Contact: Ben (bpw at cs), Fran (iannacci at cs), or Tom (tbergan at cs) for hiking info and Gary Yngve (gyngve at cs) for more technical climbing stuff, though he has recently graduated.
  • Homepage: Hiking resources, including an index of trip reports and trail descriptions by your fellow CSE students.

The hiking opportunities in this area are top-notch, diverse, and nearly boundless. As of fall 2008, there's a small but active group of CSE students who hike almost every weekend.


Some CS grads play in a very-low-intensity club league, run by Underdog Seattle. The game is played spring, summer and fall, and it's like the kickball you might have played back in grade school.

Ping Pong


  • Mailing List: run at cs
  • Contact: Kayur Patel (kayur at cs)

In the looming, post-apocalyptic future your computing skills ain't gonna help. What's gonna matter is your ability to out run the person next to you, whether it be from ravenous zombies or crazed, machete-wielding mobs. As you make your way across the barren landscape, fighting for survival, you'll be glad that you joined the this mailing list.

Translation: A bunch of us run. If you like to run and wanna run with us join this list.

Skiing and snowboarding

  • Mailing List: snow at cs
  • Contact: Anna Cavender (cavender at cs)

There are a number of skiers and snowboarders in the department. Favorite places to go skiing include The Summit at Snoqualmie, Mt. Baker, Crystal Mountain, and Steven's Pass.


We play intramural soccer in the spring and summer. In the past we have had both coed and mens teams. Many of the soccer players in the department play city league as well.


We play intramural ultimate in the spring and summer. The team continues to practice and scrimage in the off-season. Several grads play ultimate on other teams. There are lots of good opportunities to play ultimate in the Pacifc Northwest area.