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I've owned two foreign cars, 1988 Volvo and 1994 Mazda. I've been taking my car to Tai and Hung on Rainier Ave for repairs. They've been so good and honest and reasonable price. However, I was desperately needing a mechanic for my Mazda and thought I could save more money. So, I've take my car to BURIEN IMPORTS LTD. located in Burien owner's name is Jack. First of all, I needed brake pads change, gasket oil drip pan change, and tune-ups. As per Jack told me he is on experienced on the Mazda. Well, just so happen, this guy didn't do diddly wats on my car except changing the brake pads on my two front tires. He charged $79 per 3 hours of his labor. After his service he told me that he will loose me as a customer. Well, you know what? He sure knows that as a fact. Leaving my car with a very load sound plus a leaky oil dripping in my garage with paying him $400 bucks for his mess. Oh yeah, he told me that he is very honest and has been in the business since 1973 and highly speaks for himself of his knowledge. Over all, he is out dated and puts me down because I told him internet is a powerful tool to get information about car problems and has saved my thousands of dollars. And if wasn't for the internetI would have spent more dollars into the car. But, Jack will tell you internet is crap, experienced comes from of years in the business. Yeah, years of BS-ing to the customers. My recommendation never use this dishonest Jack especailly who doesn't know how to fix foreign Japanese cars.

Carl's Foreign Car

A month ago the engine in the Subaru Forester my wife and I were driving siezed up on Highway 520 in Seattle. It was consuming much more oil than we were aware of. We had it towed to Carl, our mechanic at the time, to hopefully get it fixed. Carl told us the engine was a complete loss and that it would cost us close to $3800 to get a new engine put in it. We decided to cut our losses, buy a new car, and take Carl's offer to buy our car from us for $1500. After telling my wife and I that he would indeed buy our car from us for $1500 dollars, Carl revoked this offer the day we were to sell him the car because he felt that he would not make enough profit off the transaction. Because we still owed $7000 on our Forester, we were counting on that money to help make up at least part of the loss we would have to absorb. Although Carl is a good mechanic and although we or Carl did not sign anything, my wife and I feel lied to. We now question Carl's character and integrity. We know that other people have had good experiences with Carl. However, we will never bring another one of our cars to his business again. We would rather bring our car to an average mechanic that we can trust than a good one who is dishonest.