Soctech seminar, Spring 2008

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The Society and Technology spring seminar will be on the new media: blogs, citizen journalists, camera-phone news coverage, and similar issues.

Much like the blogs we'll be talking about, most of our content will be user-generated. We're running a student-led weekly seminar focused on discussion, with a few guest presenters over the course of the quarter.

Course Details

CSE Students: SLN 12028 or CSE 590T
Non-CSE Students: SLN 12032 or CSE 590X (graded)

Time: Thursdays 12:30-13:20

Place: Paul Allen Center Room 403

Notes: Courses SLN 12028 and SLN 12032 are identical. If you are a CSE student, sign up for the CSE course. If you are a non-CSE student, sign up for the non-CSE course. Email bdferris (at if you need an add code.

Sign up for the mailing list at if you are not yet on it!


  • April 3 - Course Introduction / Brainstorming
  • April 10 - tbd
  • April 17 - Brian - Definitions, Survey of the Field
  • April 24 - Andy - Trust
  • May 1 - Travis - Government and Blogging
  • May 8 - Karl - Legal Issues
  • May 15 - Tammy - Business Models
  • May 22 - Colin J Lingle
  • May 29 - Aiko Takazawa
  • June 5 - Scoops - The Final Word

The Big Outline of Resources and Concepts

Check out the Soctech Seminar - Spring 2008 - Outline.