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This page is for notes regarding interesting society and technology topics. Ruminate in as much detail as you like. This stuff could be fodder for briefings/white papers, lecture series, conferences, or the beginnings of a syllabus for a survey course.

  • intellectual "property"
    • DMCA and related laws
    • effects on:
      • innovation
      • consumer sovereignty/fair use
      • accessibility issues (closely related to fair use
      • security: RIAA threatened to use IP law against Felten for investigating security issues; chilling effects could affect all kinds of security research
  • open source development
    • community-run vs. corporate-run models
    • benefits/costs for e.g. developing countries and governments
  • outsourcing
  • software engineering ethics
  • voting machines and verifiability of public software systems
  • assistive technologies, e.g. for the dyslexic
  • value-sensitive design
  • cryptography
    • history of cryptographic control and export in US
    • security, privacy issues
  • privacy
    • ubiquitous computing
    • databases: effects as they get progressively larger and more integrated
  • spam
  • social software (email lists, blogs, wikis)
    • effects of social software on political and other organization
  • international law and international networks