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Society and technology -> 2004-09-22 meeting

Meeting between:

  • Ben Duggan (law student)
  • Caroline (of CIS)
  • Keunwoo


  • Familiarize Ben with what C & K have been thinking, & vice versa.
  • Get firmer handle on winter seminar.


  • Likely organization of course:
    • Weekly discussion-oriented seminar open to enrollment
    • 4 weeks: of introductory material on IP law and computing (2 weeks each?)
    • 6 weeks: discussion of 3 specific interesting questions, 2 sessions each, with accompanying readings
    • introductory material most likely chosen to support useful discussion of questions to follow

Action items:

  • All: brainstorm about questions for 2nd half of course
  • Ben & Keunwoo: figure out scheduling & administrative requirements for course
  • Caroline: contact outside parties to seek input
  • Meet again in 2 weeks