Soctech:Meeting of 2004-08-06

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Notes from a Society and technology meeting...

  • Many faculty likely to think interdisciplinary collaboration is a good idea; we don't (yet) know who is likely to make this a primary concern of theirs.
  • Resolved: we will run a seminar this fall or winter. See Soctech seminar for latest notes on this idea.
    • Among the (few) people present at this particular meeting, the biggest issue of interest seemed to be the interplay among intellectual property, open source, and innovation.
    • My (Keunwoo's) brief spiel, as to why I want to make interdisciplinary dialogue happen: "Computer scientists need freedom to innovate. Most laws are written by lawyers, most politicians come from a law background. In order to influence the laws of the future we need to begin educating the next generation of lawyers, and we need computer scientists to be understand where lawyers are coming from as well. So, we need to talk to the people across campus."