Soctech:Meeting of 2004-07-22

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Society and technology meeting w/ Caroline Benner of Center for Internet Studies

CIS mandate: to foster interdisciplinary collaboration; to identify UW "areas of strength" and cater to them


  • Vocabulary gap

Proposed activities

(this is just a very raw initial list)

  • preparation of white papers to brief people?
  • UW open source conference
  • lectures/debates from outside speakers

Misc notes

  • Caroline has surveyed other universities; nobody's doing a good job
  • Challenge: "technology and society" actually encompasses a wide variety of interests; lots of people will be interested in their particular corner. It is difficult to get people together.
  • Courses at other depts.:
    • Brian Kernighan teaches a course at Princeton "Computers in our World"
    • Vincent Poor: Princeton course on wireless technology, with invited talks with professors from various departments
    • Digital Dilemmas @ Stanford
    • MIT, Harvard starting open source classes
  • Sarah Baase textbook