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Long Distance Calling

Neva Cherniavsky, 09-24-2004

I use onesuite.com (http://www.onesuite.com/ ), a "dial-around service." It's 2.9 cents a minute using their 800 number, or 2.5 cents a minute if you use their local number (206-508-2372, 206-922-0006). You can set it up to "Zip-dial", so that when you dial the local access number it automatically enters your pin and all you have to do it dial the number you wish to call. I don't think there's a better deal for long distance calling out there, especially if you only make a few calls per month (otherwise VOIP might be more useful). Optional voicemail/FAX number costs a big $1/month.

Ken Yasuhara, 09-24-2004

For domestic long distance at home, I've been quite satisfied with Working Assets http://www.workingassets.com/. Their current plan offers 5 cents/min. for $6/mo., and they donate 1% to charities. (You get to vote on donation allocation annually.) They also offer wireless service (on Sprint's network).

Dan Grossman, 02-03-2002, from uw-cs.bboard

(Positive: MCI prepaid phone card)

After abandoning PinCity.com I took someone's advice and picked up an MCI prepaid phone card available at CostCo. It was $20 for 575 minutes (~3.5c/min), all day long, every day of the week, within the US. The service is great, seeing as it's MCI. I have not yet dug up the international rates.

Sara Su, 02-03-2002, from uw-cs.bboard

(Negative: Bigzoo.com; Positive: Onesuite.com)

I switched away from bigzoo.com after they often disconnected calls and accidentally charged me for calls I didn't make (who would I be calling in Chile?). So far, I've found onesuite.com's service to be more reliable. They charge 2.9 cents/min in the States; you can call Luke in Sweden this summer for 6 cents/min.

Dan Grossman, 01-22-2002, from uw-cs.bboard

(Negative: PinCity.com)

Just wanted to post a warning about PinCity.com in case you might be thinking of using their services. Despite their name, they have nothing to do with internet services; rather, they offer long distance phone service for as low as 2.7 cents/minute. Unfortunately, every time I call someone using their lines, the call either does not go through or gets disconnected after 2-3 minutes. Do *NOT* use this phone service! Feel free to write me with any more detailed questions.

Vass Litvinov, 01-15-2002

Derissa.com - I have been using them for a while, and it's mostly OK. (Talk to me if you want more details than below.)

They offer prepaid calling cards with good rates to Asia, Latin America, occasionaly other areas, too. (Their passion appears to be Indonesia.)

Be warned, however, that Derissa.com are just resellers, and chances are that the card you buy there will not be as good as it sounds, wrt rates and/or quality. So I usually buy one card and try it out; if it's OK, I use it up and then buy another of same kind.

Look at the "service provider" mentioned on their page. I stay away from Qwest because by the time they add tax and other fees (which they probably won't even bother describing you) you end up paying 50% more than advertised.

Beth George, 05-25-2005

(Positive: Kphonecard.com)

I call Kazakhstan from the United States to speak with my fiance at least once a day. I am sure I will continue to use your phone cards service. http://kphonecard.com Quality is very good.