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This is the wiki page for topics to be discussed in the LIL group meetings. While one person will be officially leading the group in each session, the meeting will be structured in the form of a discussion.

Winter 2015

When: 11:00AM Thursday

Where: CSE 303

Course number: 591T

We also have a mailing list lil-group (

Contact: eunsol@cs

Date Paper Authors Venue Leader Info
1/15/15 Conditional Random Field Autoencoders for Unsupervised Structured Prediction[1] Waleed Ammar, Chris Dyer, Noah Smith NIPS 2014 Kenton
1/22/15 Learning Distributed Representations for Structured Output Prediction [2] Vivek Srikumar, Christopher Manning NIPS 2014 Sameer
1/29/15 Grammar as a foreign language[3] Oriol Vinyals, Lukasz Kaiser, Terry Koo, Slav Petrov, Ilya Sutskever, Geoffrey Hinton in submission- ICLR Mark
2/5/15 Brighter than Gold: Figurative Language in User Generated Comparisons[4] Vlad Niculae and Cristian Danescu-Niculescu-Mizil EMNLP2014 Leila
2/12/15 Quizz: Targeted Crowdsourcing with a Billion (Potential) Users[5] Panagiotis G. Ipeirotis and Evgeniy Gabrilovich WWW14 Luheng
2/19/15 Structured Learning for Taxonomy Induction with Belief Propagation[6] Mohit Bansal, David Burkett, Gerard de Melo, and Dan Klein ACL14 Xiao
2/27/15 No reading group..? ACL deadline
3/5/15 Exploring Compositional Architectures and Word Vector Representations for Prepositional Phrase Attachment[7] Yonatan Belinkov, Tao Lei, Regina Barzilay, Amir Globerson TACL14 Eunsol
3/12/15 Typed Tensor Decomposition of Knowledge Bases for Relation Extraction[8] Kai-Wei Chang Wen-tau Yih Bishan Yang Christopher Meek EMNLP14 Victoria
3/19/15 Political Ideology Detection Using Recursive Neural Networks[9] Mohit Iyyer, Peter Enns, Jordan Boyd-Graber, Philip Resnik ACL14 Hannah

Potential Papers

Structured Learning for Structured Knowledge

Structured Learning for Taxonomy Induction with Belief Propagation
Mohit Bansal, David Burkett, Gerard de Melo, and Dan Klein, ACL 2014, Best Long Paper Honorable Mention
Simple Map Inference via Low-Rank Relaxations [10]
Roy Frostig, Sida I. Wang, Percy Liang, Christopher D. Manning, NIPS 2014

Event, Time, Fact, Veridicality :

Did it happen? The pragmatic complexity of veridicality assessment.
de Marneffe, Marie-Catherine; Christopher D. Manning; and Christopher Potts. 2012.
Computational Linguistics 38(2): 301-333.
Modeling Factuality Judgments in Social Media Text.
Sandeep Soni, Tanushree Mitra, Eric Gilbert, and Jacob Eisenstein.
Proceedings of ACL (short papers).

Reasoning, Causality, Entailment :

NaturalLI: Natural Logic Inference for Common Sense Reasoning
Gabor Angeli , Chris Manning ,EMNLP 2014
Modeling Biological Processes for Reading Comprehension
Jonathan Berant*, Vivek Srikumar*, Pei-Chun Chen, Abby Vander Linden, Brittany Harding, Brad Huang, Christopher D. Manning
EMNLP 2014

Crowdsourcing for complex NLP tasks, Human-computer Collaboration:

Human Effort and Machine Learnability in Computer Aided Translation.
Spence Green, Sida Wang, Jason Chuang, Jeffrey Heer, and Christopher D. Manning. ,EMNLP 2014.
The Efficacy of Human Post-Editing for Language Translation
Spence Green, Jeffrey Heer, and Christopher D. Manning.
CHI 2013, Best Paper Award
Are Two Heads are Better than One? Crowdsourced Translation via a Two-Step Collaboration between Translators and Editors

Deep, Neural, Embeddings and such:

Efficient Estimation of Word Representations in Vector Space.
Tomas Mikolov, Kai Chen, Greg Corrado, and Jeffrey Dean. ,Workshop at ICLR, 2013.
Distributed Representations of Words and Phrases and their Compositionality
Tomas Mikolov, Ilya Sutskever, Kai Chen, Greg Corrado, and Jeffrey Dean.,NIPS, 2013.
Sequence to sequence learning with neural network[11]
Ilya Sutskever, Oriol Vinyals, Quoc V. Le, NIPS, 2014
Learning distributed representation for structured output prediction [12]
Vivek Srikumar, Christopher D. Manning, NIPS, 2014
Grammar as a Foreign Language
Oriol Vinyals, Lukasz Kaiser, Terry Koo, Slav Petrov, Ilya Sutskever, Geoffrey Hinton, arXiv:1412.7449v1 (under review for

Data-driven Insights into People's Language Use

Brighter than Gold: Figurative Language in User Generated Comparisons
Vlad Niculae and Cristian Danescu-Niculescu-Mizil, EMNLP, 2014.


Semantic Parsing:

A* CCG Parsing with a Supertag-factored Model[13]
Mike Lewis, Mark Steedman,EMNLP, 2014

ECCV 2014 Papers:

Linking people in videos with “their” names using coreference resolution
Vignesh Ramanathan, Armand Joulin, Percy Liang, Li Fei-Fei, Stanford University
Large-Scale Object Classification using Label Relation Graphs
Jia Deng, University of Michigan; Nan Ding; Yangqing Jia; Andrea Frome; Kevin Murphy; Samy Bengio; Yuan Li, Hartmut Neven; Hartwig Adam
Reasoning About Object Affordances in a Knowledge Base Representation
Yuke Zhu, Alireza Fathi, Li Fei-Fei, Stanford University

old potential papers

Previous Quarters

Spring 2012

Date Paper Authors Link Leader Info
3/30/12 A Bayesian Approach to Unsupervised Semantic Role Induction Ivan Titov, Alexandre Klementiev Tom Kwiatkowski
4/6/12 Multi-Source Transfer of Delexicalized Dependency Parsers McDonald, Petrov and Hall Yoav Artzi
4/13/12 Learning Determinantal Point Processes A. Kulesza and B. Taskar Luke
4/20/12 Learning Accurate, Compact, and Interpretable Tree Annotation Slav Petrov, Leon Barrett, Romain Thibaux and Dan Klein Mark Yatskar
4/27/12 Spectral Learning for Non-Deterministic Dependency Parsing Franco M. Luque, Ariadna Quattoni, Borja Balle, Xavier Carreras Raphael Hoffmann
5/4/12 Dual Decomposition with Many Overlapping Components Andre F. T. Martins, Noah A. Smith, Pedro M. Q. Aguiar, Mario A. T. Figueiredo Yoav Artzi
5/11/12 NW-NLP Conference
5/18/12 You had me at hello: How phrasing affects memorability Cristian Danescu-Niculescu-Mizil Justin Cheng Jon Kleinberg Lillian Lee Mark Yatskar
5/25/12 (no reading group; go to Yoav's Generals Talk!)
6/1/12 Parsing Time: Learning to Interpret Time Expressions Gabor Angeli, Chris Manning, Dan Jurafsky Alan Ritter

Summer 2012

Date Paper Authors Venue Leader Info
6/15/12 Weakly Supervised Training of Semantic Parsers Jayant Krishnamurthy and Tom M. Mitchell EMNLP 2012 Luke
7/5/12 Structured Perceptron with Inexact Search L. Huang, S. Fayong and Y. Guo NAACL 2012 Yoav
7/12/12 Distributional semantics in technicolor Bruni, Boleda and Baroni ACL 2012 Tony
7/19/12 Ensemble of Exemplar-SVMs for Object Detection and Beyond Tomasz Malisiewicz, Abhinav Gupta, Alexei A. Efros ICCV 2011 Nicholas
7/26/12 Midge: Generating Image Descriptions From Computer Vision Detections Margaret Mitchell, Jesse Dodge, Amit Goyal, Kota Yamaguchi, Karl Sratos, Xufeng Han, Alysssa Mensch, Alexander C. Berg, Tamara L. Berg, Hal Daumé III EACL 2012 Jesse
8/2/12 String Re-writing Kernel Fan Bu, Hang Li, Xiaoyan Zhu ACL 2012 Tom
8/9/12 Intel retreat (no reading group)
8/16/12 Raphael's final exam practice talk
8/23/12 Unsupervised Concept-to-text Generation with Hypergraphs I. Konstas and M. Lapata NAACL 2012 Yoav
8/30/12 Joint Entity and Event Coreference Resolution across Documents Heeyoung Lee, Marta Recasens, Angel Chang, Mihai Surdeanu, Dan Jurafsky. EMNLP 2012 Luke
9/6/12 Inverting Grice’s Maxims to Learn Rules from Natural Language Extractions Mohammad Shahed Sorower, Thomas G. Dietterich, Janardhan Rao Doppa, Walker Orr, Prasad Tadepalli, and Xiaoli Fern NIPS 2011 Alan
9/13/12 Improved Parsing and POS Tagging Using Inter-Sentence Consistency Constraints Alexander M. Rush, Roi Reichert, Michael Collins, and Amir Globerson EMNLP 2012 Xiao

Autumn 2012

Date Paper Authors Venue Leader Info
9/28/12 NLP Showcase: CS students presenting their research in a series of short talks [CSE 303, lunch served at 12:00, talks start at 12:30]
10/5/12 Learning High-Level Planning from Text S.R.K. Branavan; Nate Kushman; Tao Lei; Regina Barzilay ACL 2012 Yoav
10/12/12 Phrase-based Statistical Language Generation using Graphical Models and Active Learning Franc¸ois Mairesse, Milica Gasiˇ c´, Filip Jurcˇ´ıcek ˇ , Simon Keizer, Blaise Thomson, Kai Yu and Steve Young ACL 2010 Nicholas
10/19/12 An Empirical Investigation of Statistical Significance in NLP Taylor Berg-Kirkpatrick David Burkett Dan Klein EMNLP 2012 Mark
10/26/12 UW/MSR Machine Learning Workshop (no reading group)
11/2/12 Learning to “Read Between the Lines” using Bayesian Logic Programs Sindhu Raghavan, Raymond J. Mooney and Hyeonseo Ku ACL 2012 Chloé
11/9/12 Vine Pruning for Efficient Multi-Pass Dependency Parsing A. Rush and S. Petrov NAACL 2012 Gabe
11/16/12 Selective Sharing for Multilingual Dependency Parsing Tahira Naseem; Regina Barzilay; Amir Globerson ACL 2012 Yoav
11/23/12 No reading group (Thanksgiving holiday)
11/30/12 Talk: Paul Pham, Quantum Computing and Machine Learning
12/7/12 Climbing the Tower of Babel: Unsupervised Multilingual Learning Benjamin Snyder and Regina Barzilay ICML 2010 Nath

Winter 2013

Date Paper Authors Venue Leader Info
1/11/13 Multiple Choice Learning: Learning to Produce Multiple Structured Outputs A Guzman-Rivera, D Batra, P Kohli NIPS 2012 Yoav
1/18/13 Supervised Noun Phrase Coreference Research: The First Fifteen Years V Ng ACL 2010 Mark
1/25/13 A Multi-Pass Sieve for Coreference Resolution (optional: K Raghunathan, H Lee, S Rangarajan, N Chambers, M Surdeanu, D Jurafsky, C Manning EMNLP 2010 Leila
2/1/13 No meeting
2/8/13 Learning-based Multi-Sieve Co-reference Resolution with Knowledge L Ratinov and D Roth ACL 2012 Luke
2/15/13 Coreference Resolution with World Knowledge Altaf Rahman and Vincent Ng ACL 2011 Hanna
2/22/13 UW-MSR CL Symposium (at MSR)
3/1/13 Unsupervised Models for Coreference Resolution V Ng ACL 2008 Hanna
3/8/13 A Discriminative Hierarchical Model for Fast Coreference at Large Scale M Wich, S Singh, A McCallum ACL 2012 Mitchell
3/15/13 Spectral fest: A Spectral Algorithm for Learning Hidden Markov Models D Hasu,S M Kakade, T Zhang Tom video
3/22/13 Spectral fest (contd.) Tom

Spring 2013

Date Paper Authors Venue Leader Info
4/5/13 Spectral fest continued Tom
4/12/13 Spectral fest continued Tom
4/19/13 Learning Structured Classifiers with Dual Coordinate Ascent Andre F. T. Martins, Kevin Gimpel, Noah A. Smith, Eric P. Xing, Mario A., T. Figueiredo, Pedro M. Q. Aguiar 2012 Nicholas
4/26/13 Using Semantic Unification to Generate Regular Expressions from Natural Language Nate Kushman and Regina Barzilay NAACL 2013 Yoav Also required: Better k-best Parsing / Liang Huang and Davind Chiang
5/3/13 Reinforcement Learning: Chapters 1 and 3 (except 3.4) (book details, html version, scanned PDFs within UW) Luke Optional: Chapter 2: 2.1, 2.2, 2.4, 2.6 and 2.10
5/10/13 Probabilistic Frame Induction Jackie Chi Kit Cheung, Hoifung Poon and Lucy Vanderwende NAACL 2013 Mark
5/17/13 UW-MSR CL Symposium (at UW)
5/24/13 RL: Policy gradient methods for reinforcement learning with function approximation Sutton, Richard S., et al. NIPS 2000 Luke Also: Reinforcement Learning for Mapping Instructions to Actions - S.R.K. Branavan, Harr Chen, Luke Zettlemoyer, Regina Barzilay..
5/31/13 RL: Learned Prioritization for Trading Off Accuracy and Speed Jiang, Jiarong, et al. NIPS 2012 Xiao
6/7/13 RL fest

Fall 2014

Date Paper Authors Venue Leader Info
10/3/14 Annotation on cooking recipes Chloe Kiddon
10/10/14 Large-Scale Object Classification using Label Relation Graphs[14] Jia Deng, Nan Ding, Yangqing Jia, Andrea Frome, Kevin Murphy...etc ECCV14 Mark
10/17/14 Invited talk: What happens if I push this button? Learning planning operators from experience Kira Mourao
10/24/14 Linguistic Regularities in Sparse and Explicit Word Representations[15] Omer Levy, Yoav Goldberg CONLL 2014 Chloe
10/31/14 Modeling Biological Processes for Reading Comprehension[16] Jonathan Berant et al. EMNLP 2014 Xiao + Kenton
11/7/14 NLP Symposium
11/14/14 UW/MS Symposium in Computational Linguistics Time: 3:30-5PM Location: Miller 301 at UW
11/21/14 Low-Rank Tensors for Scoring Dependency Structures[17] Tao Lei, Yu Xin, Yuan Zhang, Regina Barzilay, and Tommi Jaakkola ACL 2014 Yoav
11/28/14 Thanksgiving
12/5/14 What are you talking about? Text-to-Image Coreference[18] Chen Kong et al CVPR14 Fitz + Hannah