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Insurance Agents

General Advice

August 19, 2002 from Kate Deibel (deibel@cs)

Pick an agent closest to where you first live or near the university. I had no problems changing addresses when I moved recently. The standard places like State Farm and Allstate just want your business. They can handle a short excursion in the city.

Shop around. The State Farm on the Ave wanted to charge me about $20 more a year than the one near the U Village. Each agency has different minimum coverage amounts.

State Farm

September, 2005 from Tanya Bragin (tbragin@cs)

I got a really competitive rate from State Farm (Dan Tierney, 206-525-8700). I have a relatively new car, so I wanted good coverage as well as collision insurance. Every other company quoted me a very high rate, so I thought I wasn't going to be able to afford insurance and was actually getting ready to sell the car altogether. But State Farm took into account that I wasn't going to be driving that much (I told them 5000 mi/year) and that reduced the premiums dramatically. It was the lowest rate among these other insurance agents I tried. I list them in the order from least to most expensive: Geico, PEMCO, SAFECO, All-State. I also got renters insurance, which pretty much covered itself when combined with auto insurance, because when you combine multiple policies you receive an additional discount on car insurance.


September, 2004 from Andy Schwerin (schwerin at cs)

I get my car insurance and home renter's insurance from Cynthia Vollmer at PEMCO. I deal with her exclusively by phone and email, but I think her office is up on the north side of the city. I haven't had to file any claims, but PEMCO ranks highly with ConsumerCheckbooks Seattle, a local consumer reports-style magazine. The insurance is cheaper than I was able to find from other agencies in the area by maybe 30 to 50%.

January, 2005 from Miryung Kim I have my auto and home insurance from Michael Eng. He seems to be working in Spokane but he responds very quickly to my calls and emails. He also offers many discounts to graduate students. (It seems that Pemco somehow rates graduate students as a safe driver.) I strongly recommend PEMCO for international students with #+ driving experience in your home country. They credited my safe driving experience in Korea and I got an incredible discount.

State Farm

October 4, 1999 From Gretta Bartels (gretta@cs)

I use Cathy Budbill for insurance. She's state farm, and she's located around 130th and Aurora -- far enough north for you? =) Her number is 361-3770.


October 26, 1999 From Zack Ives (zives@cs)

I use Paul Vogel with Allstate; he's up at 50th and the Ave. I haven't had to file any claims so far (fortunately), but have always gotten good service. At one point he called me to let me know that I could save $100 a year by adding renter's insurance to my auto insurance.