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Tracy's Hair Studio, 5216 University Way NE, Seattle, WA 98105

I went to a handful of places near the UW and they all pretty much sucked. Mira recommended this place to me. It is awesome. Tracy always does a fantastic job. I only get my haircut here now. (Sandra)

Ten Pachi Modern Salon, 5611 university way ne

I've been here twice: once for a Japanese texture perm and once for a haircut. I was lukewarm about the perm's results, and hilariously it fell out about a month later anyway.

I did, however, enjoy my haircut there. At $20 not including tip, it's a pretty cheap haircut while still getting the "expensive" salon feel.

When they describe the salon's atmosphere as ultramodern and minimalist, they mean it! You can also reserve appointments online, which is nice.

-Tamara Denning

Scissor's Edge in the UW HUB

I go to the Scissor's Edge in the HUB: It's $25-$30 for a good haircut (I'm not a fan of SuperCuts).

- Neva Cherniavsky

SuperCuts, approx. the Ave & 47th

I don't really go with the fancy hairstyles or anything, so I don't know how they do with anything complex. However, I've been satisfied with SuperCuts.

- Zack Ives, zives

Studio 904, Pioneer Square: 401 1st Ave S.

They have a very cool philosophy. They don't allow tipping or making reservations with a particular stylist and all their stylist go through special training in order to work there. It's a bit pricy (~ $35 for long hair) but they are all very friendly and profesional.

-Yael Schwartzman