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Welcome to the CSE department service sign-up 2014-2015!

CSE department culture is something we all care about and we need YOU to help us keep CSE awesome! Please volunteer for department service positions for the 2014-2015 academic year. Ideally we will have 2-3 people for each position to reduce the workload on any individual.

There are a variety of graduate student positions to volunteer for. These positions are held for one year and there are no term limits. More information on each position can be found here: If you have any questions, please email Lilian (ldegreef (at) cs) or Nicki (nixdell (at) cs) or ask the previous year's committee member (which you can find here: We will also have an info/sign-up/election meeting soon! Details TBD.


Edit the sections below to add yourself to the tables. You can log in using the following: User: gsc-2014 Pass: volunteer

You can sign up for multiple positions, and we want multiple people to sign up for each position!

New Grads

These positions are arguably the most important!! We prefer these to be filled by current first years (second years to be) because they can remember what it is like to be a new grad.

Position Description Name
New Grad Orientation Committee (1) Preferably a first year Harley Montgomery
New Grad Orientation Committee (2) Preferably a first year Shumo (will be here if the my visa is approved in time )
New Grad Visit Days Committee (1) Help organize visit days James Wilcox
New Grad Visit Days Committee (2) Help organize visit days Edward Zhang
New Grad Visit Days Committee (3) Help organize visit days Jeff Snyder
New Grad Visit Days Committee (4) Help organize visit days Laurel Orr
New Grad Mentoring Coordinator Assign new grads to mentors

Catie Baker


Position Description Name
TGIF and Social Chairs Assign offices/labs to organize TGIF Doug Woos, Joe Redmon, Jeff Snyder
Pit Party Coordinators Work with Lindsay to organize the Pit Party Fahad Pervaiz, Hanchuan Li
Holiday Party Coordinators Work with Lindsay to organize the Holiday Party Eunsol Choi, Naveen Kr. Sharma
Holiday Party Skit Directors Organize the Holiday Party Skit Camille Cobb, Conrad Nied
Women's Events Coordinator Organize quarterly CSE Women's events Irene Zhang, Caitlin Bonnar
Pumpkin Carving Coordinators Organize pumpkins for the pumpkin carving TGIF Fahad Pervaiz, Camille Cobb
PoCSci TGIF Coordinators Organize the annual PoCSci TGIF Brandon Holt, Irene Zhang
Ski Bums Organize the CSE Ski Day Ricardo Martin,Will Scott
Friday Breakfast Coordinators Organize Friday breakfasts Dominik Moritz

Grad Life

Position Description Name
Benson Store Coordinators Organize orders/restocking the Benson Store Brian Burg, James Wilcox
Treasurers Handle GSC money (from TGIF and Benson Store) Conrad Nied
Grad Student Seminar Coordinators Organize seminars for NSF, job-hunting etc. and lightning talks Daniel Miller, Vincent Lee, Doug Woos
Faculty Recruiting Liaisons Make sure that the graduate students are kept apprised of faculty recruiting Brandon Myers, Jeremy Hyrkas
Undergrad Liaison & Outreach Coordinators Be awesome Alex Mariakakis, Daniel Epstein
Mossy Bits Editors In charge of the quarterly creative arts journal
Historians Take photos and videos of CSE events ...


Position Description Name
Grad Student Coordinators The official liaison between the faculty and the graduate students. Lilian de Greef, Aditya Vashistha
Student Survey Coordinators Organize the annual survey of grad student happiness Mayank Goel
GPSS Senators Participate in discussions about various issues relating to all aspects of graduate students' life at UW. Justin Bare, Will Scott
Curriculum Committee Help to improve the undergraduate and graduate curricula for Computer Science and Engineering. Greg Nelson, Kanit Wongsuphasawat
Undergraduate Admissions Representatives Help decide which undergrads to admit to CSE Darioush Jalali, James Wilcox