2004 orientation hike

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Hike info:

Keunwoo is organizing this hike.

  • Date/time: Saturday, Sept. 25. Will leave for Rainier 8 a.m. sharp. I can pick people up on campus or (somewhat earlier) at their homes. We should be back in Seattle in the early evening.
  • Destination: the beautiful and spectacular trails at Paradise on Mt. Rainier National Park, including the Nisqually moraine trail (one of my favorite trails in Washington) and, depending on how people are feeling, the Skyline Trail and/or the Paradise meadow trail.
    • This is a medium-difficulty trail. I have passed senior citizens and small children on these trails, so you should be able to do it. We will take as many breaks as necessary. Don't be daunted. The views are worth it, and this may be your last chance to get out hiking before the long gray winter.
  • I have space for 3 passengers in my car; so far, 2 other drivers have volunteered, so we will probably have space. I will provide directions to other drivers.
  • RSVP by 1pm. Friday with: your email address, phone number(s), address, and whether you can drive. There are three ways to reply:
    • email klee (at) cs
    • call Keunwoo at 206 718 2572
    • Add your name to this page by clicking (edit) above and adding your name under "RSVP scratch space" below.
  • Hike may be called off due to weather. If this happens I will call everyone early in the morning (7-ish) and let them know it's off.
  • Necessary to have:
    • Water. 1-2 liters is recommended.
    • Lunch.
    • Comfortable shoes and extra pair of socks.
    • Some form of rain gear. A poncho is fine. I just use a thin anorak.
    • Warm layer (a fleece is ideal) to put on in case of cold
    • If you have asthma, bring your inhaler. The air is noticeably thinner at this altitude.
  • Nice to have, but not strictly necessary:
    • hiking boots
    • non-cotton socks (cotton retains sweat and other water, and gets uncomfortable)
    • hat or jacket with hood

RSVP scratch space

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