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In the following directory:


Find the following CAB files:

   MFC.CAB              - MFC DLLs
   TraceWriterPrime.CAB - The TraceWriter application and libraries
   J9.CAB               - The J9 Java VM
   Annotation.CAB       - The Annotation program


   vxUtil.ppc3_arm.CAB  - vxUtils, a utility set, including a time sync app
   RatocUSBDriver.CAB   - Driver for the Ratoc USB adapter (goes in the CF slot)
   FTDISerial.CAB       - Driver for the USB-Serial adapter used by the MSBv1
   PL-2303driver.CAB    - Driver for the USB-Serial adapter used by the Holux GPSlim (if you connect via cable)
   SocketComm-SD-Wifi.CAB - Driver for the SocketComm SD Wifi adapter 

Install the minimal app set and additional CABs as needed.