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Part of Soctech seminar, Spring 2006...

Privacy and computer networks, a whirlwind tour:

(25 min., hopefully)

  • The client layer: What identifying information is stored in your client hardware and software?
  • The network layer: What information does your machine broadcast in a network transaction? Who could (potentially) see this information?
    • Content of TCP/IP, HTTP headers
    • Countermeasures: encryption; TOR
    • Q: What about the phone network? A: You're never anonymous or encrypted.
    • Side note: effect of business models on non-adoption of privacy-enhancing technologies
  • The application layer:
    • Payment systems
    • Client databases:
      • What's a database?
      • State of the art in database aggregation/federation
      • Estimated costs of maintaining/mining Google-scale databases
      • Theoretical limits on "data scrubbing"
    • Deletion (Google News nuke)
    • Practical limits on security (brief)
      • System compromises: rootkits, social engineering
      • Legal attacks

Privacy law, a whirlwind tour

(need someone to do this)