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I go to Dr. Daniel Thacker in Kinston (you have to take the ferry to get there).

Apple Tree Cove Dental Ctr PO Box 149 Kingston, WA 98346-0149 Phone: (360) 297-3392

It seems like an overkill to take the ferry to go see your dentist, so what do I recommend him? Three reasons:

1. My wife is a dentist. She recommends that office (the truth is that I sometimes see my wife rather than Dr. Thacker). And no, she doesn't practice at that office, nor we derive any benefits from recommending people to go there.

2. They use very good materials and the dentist is good. Personally, I don't care too much about the staff being friendly. I think it's more important if the dentist is good and whether they're not into saving a couple of bucks by using inferior dental products.

3. That's the closest good dentist/good materials office we know of. We're not saying there aren't other good offices closer to UW.

By the way, the ferry ride is spectular ($5 per person both ways, no car).