Soctech seminar, Winter 2005

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Society and technology seminar ideas

At the August 6 meeting we resolved to plan a seminar (in CSE lingo, a "590", after the course number under which irregular seminars are listed) for Fall 2004 or Winter 2005.

The topic for the first offering will be the cluster of issues surrounding intellectual property law and open source software. We've heard some noises to the effect that there's a Technology & Law Society in the law school that's interested in talking to people in technology fields. Assuming, for the moment, that the Tech & Law people get on board, then the purpose of this seminar would be to get cross-disciplinary dialogue between those two fields in particular.

10 week schedule:

  1. intro: what do computer scientists and programmers do when they work?
  2. intro: how do lawyers think about IP law?
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