Ski Day 2010

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Breaking News!

We're going to Crystal! Prices have been updated below (April 5, 1:15pm).

Planning to drive? Check the conditions and tips for driving in the snow.

You will get lift tickets from one of us that morning at the mountain. The drive is around 2 hours and lifts open at 9, so plan to leave by 7 in the morning. Lifts close at 4 and we'll meet at the pub after that. Tom will collect checks from you next week.

General Information

The UW CSE Ski Day 2010 is Friday April 9th at Crystal Mountain.

Let's try to CARPOOL as much as we can. Again, let's leave Seattle by 7 to get there by 9 when the lifts open.

If you're driving, the easiest route is to take I-5 south, to WA-18 east, to WA-164 east (this is an urban street with stoplights), to WA-410 east). Here is a map from the Allen Center: map Also see here:

When you go up the main outdoor stairway to the Crystal base, rentals and lessons are in the building on your left. People taking lessons should go directly to the ski school in that building -- they will get their equipment there. People doing rentals only should, um, go to rentals.

On the right of that outdoor stair is the Main Lodge which has their cafeteria, etc. We will have the "C 1/2" level reserved for us, which is halfway between the main/snow level and above the downstairs cafeteria. That's where we will be handing out lift tickets. We'll stop hand out lift tickets at about 10am -- after that you need to go talk to "Group Sales

Hank is providing a pizza lunch in the "C 1/2" room starting at about noon. We will have our own room that we can use during the day, hang out for a break, and eat lunch. While it won't be secured it should be fine for leaving shoes and random stuff, particularly this Friday at the end of the season.

At the end of the day we'll meet at the Snorting Elk Cellar at Crystal (voted the “Top Ski Bar in the West” by Snow Country Magazine) to tell tall tales of skiing bravery and to down a beer (passengers) or soda (drivers). To get to the Snorting Elk from the Crystal base area, walk away from the mountain along the left side of the first parking lot and cross the foot bridge to the Alpine Inn. The Snorting Elk is below the Inn. If you are renting, you should return your skis before going to the bar. Otherwise, you can leave your equipment by the bar's entrance.

We're finally getting some great snow, so hopefully conditions will still be great on the 9th. Even though weather should be great for spring skiing, wind + snow + mountains = unpredictable, could be sunny, could be darn cold. So please dress warmly, bring extra layers, wear a water-resistant layer on the outside, and bring a change of clothes (or at least socks). If you lack appropriate clothing or don't know what appropriate clothing is, please post your needs or questions below under Ski Clothing. If you have extra gear, please check below and help out your fellow CSE snow bunnies. Remember sunblock and hydrate well in preparation.

Crystal has a wide range of runs from beginner to extremely challenging. Here's a ski map:

and another one:

If you're a beginner, note that you can take the Chinook lift, ski off to your left, and then take ForestQueenExpress to the top of Queens -- which is a long green run that will take you back to the base (EKB: Just to let people know, this is a great run for beginners who have been a few times and are comfortable turning/stopping, but probably over the heads of anyone who has only been once). If you have a death wish, there are lots of black runs to the right.

If you have the beginner lesson package your lift ticket only works on the Discovery chair, unless you can sneak by the lift attendants on the Chinook lift :)

If it's a clear day, and you are at least an intermediate skier comfortable on blue runs, then take RainierExpress -- at the top of RaineerExpress is the *best* view of Mt. Rainer in the world (you're looking at it from 7K feet from around 20 miles away). On a very clear day from that point you can see Mt. Adams, Mt. St. Helens, maybe Mt. Hood, the Olympic range, and as far north as Mt. Baker.

Should be a great day! Please Sign Up below, indicating whether you need lift tickets/rentals/lessons, by editing yourself into the table under your preferred option. You should also indicate your lunch preferences. Please note that the signups will close soonish, so please sign up now so we can get an accurate count.

Skier's Code

  1. Always stay in control and be able to stop or avoid other people or objects. 
  2. People ahead of you have the right of way. It is your responsibility to avoid them. 
  3. You must not stop where you obstruct a trail or are not visible from above. 
  4. Whenever starting downhill or merging into a trail, look uphill and yield to others.
  5. Always use devices to help prevent runaway equipment. 
  6. Observe all posted signs and warnings. Keep off closed trails and out of closed areas. 
  7. Prior to using any lift, you must have the knowledge and ability to load, ride and unload safely.

Sign Ups

Prices include tax, unless otherwise noted.

Please select one of the following sections, based on your needs, and edit yourself into the table in that section:
Beginner package, including lift ticket, lesson, and rentals
Lift ticket and rental, no lesson
Lift ticket only, no lesson or rentals
Providing your own ticket, as with a season pass

Beginner package

$84 package. Includes 2 hour group lesson, rental, and beginner lift ticket. Note that the lift ticket is only good at beginner lifts (the Discovery Chair at Crystal), so do not get this if you know how to ski and want access to intermediate terrain. Lessons start at 9am.

Please edit the section to add yourself to the table below.

For ability, choose from:
Type 1- I have never been or don't know how to turn.
Type 1 Cautious skiing on smooth slopes of gentle to moderate pitch
Type 2 Most recreational skiing
Type 3 Fast skiing on slopes of moderate to steep pitch

Skiers should put NA for the last 2 columns. Snowboarders, choose "regular" if you do not know.

Name Pizza lunch: meat/veggie/none Ski/ Snowboard Ability Gender Age Height Weight Shoe Size, with M/W/Child Left or Right Handed Regular or Goofy
Krishnamurthy Dvijotham veggie Ski 1 M 23 5'10" 170 M10 - -
Gilbert Bernstein veggie Ski 1 M 23 5'9" 155 M8.5 - -
... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

Lift Ticket and Rental

$78 lift ticket and rental, no lesson. Lift ticket is good on all lifts. If you are getting rentals, but not lessons, please edit the section to add yourself to the table below.

For ability, choose from:
Type 1- I have never been or don't know how to turn.
Type 1 Cautious skiing on smooth slopes of gentle to moderate pitch
Type 2 Most recreational skiing
Type 3 Fast skiing on slopes of moderate to steep pitch

Skiers should put NA for the last 2 columns. Snowboarders, choose "regular" if you do not know.

Name Pizza lunch: meat/veggie/none Ski/ Snowboard Ability Gender Age Height Weight Shoe Size, with M/W/Child Left or Right Handed Regular or Goofy
Andrew Hunter Meat Ski Type 2 M 22 6'0 165lbs M13 NA NA
Franzi Roesner Meat Ski Type 1 F 23 5'5 125lbs W8 NA NA
Gerry Chu Meat Ski Type 2 M 24 5'5" 135lbs Have boots NA NA
Anup Rao Meat Board Type 1.5 M 29 5'9 150lbs M10 Right Regular
Peter Henry Meat Ski Type 2 M 30 6'3" 200lbs M11 NA NA
Georg Seelig Meat Snowboard Type 3 M 34 6'2" 180lbs M11 NA Goofy
... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

Lift ticket only

$48 lift ticket, not part of a package. Down from $60, and good on all lifts. Choose this if you want a lift ticket, but not a rental or lesson.

Please edit the section to add yourself to the table below.

Name Pizza lunch: meat-eater/veggie/none
Hank Levy veggie
Abe Friesen meat
Elisa Celis veggie
Ethan Apter veggie
Mike Krainin meat
Kathleen Tuite meat
Amit Levy veggie
Tomas Isdal meat
Ivayla Dermendjieva veggie
John John meat
Gabe Cohn meat
Todd Schiller meat
Aditya Sankar meat
Jon Hseih meat
Paul Pham meat
Reona Herz veggie
Tracy Erbeck veggie
... ...

Providing own ticket

Choose this if you will provide your own lift ticket, like if you have a season pass. Please edit the section to add yourself to the table below.

Name Pizza lunch: meat-eater/veggie/none
Tom Bergan meat
Ethan Katz-Bassett meat
Brian DeRenzi veggie
Linda Shapiro meat
Darrell Jackson meat
... ...

Pay Up

Bring Tom a check! The money is being fronted and paid in one chunk by Hank/the department, and we need to pay back. Tom Bergan (tbergan@cs) is kindly taking charge of collections. You can usually find him in Room 615, and he might deputize other students there to help when he is not around. Please bring a check next week (after Ski Day) made out to University of Washington and covering whatever you owe for lift ticket/lessons/rentals. On the check, please indicate what you are paying for of lift ticket/ beginner package/ rentals.

Carpool Signup

If you are planning to drive and have extra seats in your car, add yourself to the first table. Keep in mind that you may be driving in snowy/icy conditions and you may need chains (pretty unlikely this time of year). For updated road conditions check the WSDOT website and take a moment to refresh your snow driving skills.

Please indicate where you will be leaving from, what time you will leave Seattle, what time you will leave Crystal, how many more people you can fit (please update this as your car fills), and whether you can fit skis/snowboard (basically, if you have a rack, or if the skis will take up a seat). Also indicate who your passengers are. Please try to fill up your car by contacting people who need rides above.

If you are looking for a ride, email an available driver to make arrangements, then add yourself to their riding column here. If there are no available drivers, add yourself as a row to the second table, then remove yourself once you find a ride. Hopefully, by Friday, the second table will be empty :).

Driver Name email@cs Neighborhood you're coming from Departure times Number of seats available Type of gear you can carry Who's riding
Emily Fortuna fortuna@cs Fremont probably at least a little later than 7am Emily+Brian+3more 4 ski sets or 2 snowboards or some combination thereof (on roof rack) Brian DeRenzi
Amit Levy levya@cs Cap Hill ? full I have a rack and a big hatch Ethan KB (ethan@cs), Franzi, Iva
Gerry Chu gerrychu@cs Wallingford ? 3 The rear seat folds down Aditya
Jonathan Hsieh jmhsieh@cs Ravenna ? 2 can bring skis/boards up to 185cm Tomas, John John.
Tom Bergan tbergan@cs Sand Point before 7am - late full no more room for gear Gilbert, Andrew, DJ
Peter Henry peter@cs Bryant 7am - ? 0 I'll be folding at least one seat down, so I'll have room for snowboard / skis. I have no chains so hoping they won't be needed. Mike Krainin, Jon Ko
Paul Pham ppham@cs Cap Hill ? 3 all kinds of gear, I have a van
Gabe Cohn gabecohn@cs U District 7am(ish) 2 anything you can throw in the back of a van (skis will fit between the seats) Todd
... ... ... ... ... ... ...

Looking for a ride (please remove yourself once you find one):

Rider Name email@cs Neighborhood you're coming from Time leaving Seattle - leaving Crystal Number of riders Type of gear you need to bring
Ethan Apter eapter@cs CapHill or U-District early - late 1 Snowboard
Mike Krainin mkrainin@cs U-District ? 1 snowboard
... ... ... ... ... ...

Ski Clothing

Rentals include ski boots (or snowboard boots, if you go that way). I usually just wear sneakers to the mountain and change into dry socks as I put on my boots. You need a warm hat, gloves/mittens, pants, jacket, maybe a scarf/neckwarmer, ski goggles/sunglasses, and warm long socks (just wear one pair, even if they are thin). Underneath, wear layers for warmth and versatility if it warms up. Wool, silk, polyester, and polypro are better than cotton (which is not warm when wet). Ideally, the gloves, pants, and jacket should be waterproof or at least water resistant. Track pants/warmup pants work in a pinch. For more information on recommended clothing, check out this Snowboarding Gear List.

If you don't have clothing appropriate for winter sports, post your needs here. If you have extra gear, please email people to help fill their needs.

EXAMPLE: Ethan Katz-Bassett - I am unhappy with my color options. Looking for a blue coat and pink pants.

Roee: short (and maybe stupid) question from an unexperienced: is a helmet part of the rentals?

Ethan: I always wear a helmet and recommend it to everyone-- you never know when Hank might get out of control and run into you. I know one person who had her life saved by her helmet, and I've been knocked out twice even wearing mine. You can rent one for $9+tax at the rental shop, no reservation necessary. You can also rent lightweight ski pants and jacket for $37+tax-- bring layers to wear underneath. THIS COMMENT / PRICES WERE FOR A FEW YRS AGO AT STEVENS, so not sure about Crystal this year