Ski Day 2007

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General Information

Ski Day is set for Friday January 19th at Stevens Pass. Hank is providing a pizza lunch at 12:30. We have the Trophy Room in the Pacific Crest Lodge reserved for lunch (and hopefully from 9am until 5:30pm). When you are facing up the mountain, it is in the leftmost lodge, on the 2nd floor. You can probably leave belongings in the room during the day if you like, and people can hang here during the day, but it will not be secured in any way, and we need to get our stuff out of there by 5:30. Lockers are available for a fee. If you are renting skis, please use the complimentary ski check at the mountain when you go inside.

Apres Ski -- at the end of the day (4:00 or a little later) we will meet at the Bull's Tooth Pub for a hot chocolate or (for non-drivers) something stronger. The pub is on the 2nd floor of the Granite Peaks Lodge, the middle of the 3 buildings at the base of the mountain. You can find more details on this map [[1]].

We have a very large group and need to carpool to minimize the number of cars and to make sure everyone gets there. Please edit the wiki below to fill in information about the ride you need [[2]] or the rides you can provide [[3]] . Anyone taking a lesson needs to get there at 9 to rent equipment and be on the snow when lessons start at 10. See below for directions and other driving information [[4]].

It has been very cold lately, though it is predicted to warm up by Friday. Regardless, we will be in the mountains in the winter, so please dress warmly, bring extra layers, and bring a change of clothes (or at least socks). If you lack appropriate clothing or don't know what appropriate clothing is, please post your needs or questions below under [[5]]. If you have extra gear, please check below and help out your fellow CSE snow bunnies. Remember sunblock and hydrate well in preparation.

Should be a great day!

Getting Lift Tickets and Rentals

Go to Guest Relations in the Granite Peaks Lodge to purchase your lift ticket at the group rate-- tell them that you are from the UW CSE group. Nathan Escalona from Group Sales coordinated our trip, so if anything comes up you can mention him. If you are getting a lift/ rental/ lesson package, pay for that at Guest Relations. If you are getting a rental but not a lesson, you will have to pay Hank back ($26) for the rental after ski day, as he is fronting the money for these to preserve our group discount and make things easier for Stevens.

Ask at Guest Relations where you need to go for rentals and lessons. Rentals are normally in the Tye Creek Lodge, and ours probably will be too, but they are setting up our gear in advance, so it might be in a slightly different spot.

For ski rentals, make sure your boots fit well, this is necessary for control and comfort. You want them snugger than you'd wear a sneaker (ideally, you shouldn't really be able to lift your heel or twist your foot), but you want to be able to wiggle your toes.

Getting There

You can find directions here: [6] They claim it will take 2-2.5 hrs from Seattle.

(Slightly different route than their directions to avoid I5 and I405: Take Lake City Way heading towards Bothell. In Bothell you'll see signs to 522, follow them by turning right at the traffic light at Woodinville Drive. Stay on 522 until it ends at Route 2. Turn left onto Route 2 and follow to Stevens Pass. Be careful with speed limits -- on Route 2 you'll go through a bunch of little towns (Startup, Sultan, etc.) -- the speed limits drop as you're going through those "towns" and the cops there will pull you over if you're speeding. The drive should take less than 2 hours.)

The road up to Stevens is rough in bad weather. It currently looks like the weather will be ok, but be careful. If you don't have 4-wheel drive you should carry chains just in case.
You can check the weather here: [7]
You can see current road conditions here (please check on Friday if there is a chance of a weather restriction): [8]
One option I recommend is parking in Sultan and paying $5 to take a shuttle the last 40 miles:[9] On Fridays, though, it only runs up at 8:30am and only runs down at 4:30pm.

If you are taking a lesson, PLEASE arrive at the mountain by 9am to get your rental gear and make your lesson on time.

Please sign up below if you need a ride or can offer rides-- we should try to fill all the cars!

People Needing Rides

Please edit the wiki and add yourself here if you need a ride to and from Stevens. Please indicate where you want to be picked up from (it probably helps if you can get to the PAC or can meet your ride at his/her place), your desired departure time from Seattle, your desired departure time from the mountain (if any), whether or not you will be bringing skis/snowboard in the car, and whether you need to get there at 9 for a lesson.

You are responsible for finding your own ride, so check the ride listings on this page and contact drivers. Please remove yourself from here when you find a ride.

EXAMPLE: Neva Cherniavsky - Eastlake, 8am-5pm (or whenever the bar closes), bringing snowboard, no lesson

Name Location to be picked up at Leave Seattle? Leave Mountain? Bringing equipment? 9 am lesson?
Sandra B. Fan (sbfan@cs) U-District/Allen Center 6:30 am no later than 5 pm none yes
Craig Prince (cmprince) U-District/Allen Center none no
Cherie Cheung (cherie@cs) U-Village 6 am 5-6 pm none yes
Brian Ferris (bdferris@cs) + Amy Wheeless U-District/Allen Center snowboard yes
Roee Engelberg (roee@cs) U-District/Allen Center early late none yes
Colin (ckd@cs) U-District/Allen Center early late no yes
Ethan (ethan) U-Dist 7:30-8 5? skis no
... ... ... ... ... ...

People Offering Rides

Please edit the wiki and add yourself here if you can offer rides to and from Stevens. Please indicate where you will be leaving from, what time you will leave Seattle, what time you will leave Stevens, how many more people you can fit (please update this as your car fills), and whether you can fit skis/snowboard (basically, if you have a rack, or if the skis will take up a seat). If you like, you can also indicate who your passengers are. Please try to fill up your car by contacting people who need rides above.

If you want a ride with someone, please verify with the driver through email before editing yourself into the car.

EXAMPLE: Ethan Katz-Bassett, U District, 8am-5pm, 2 people with equipment or 3 without.

  • Richard Ladner, Ballard, 6:30 - 5:00, I can pick folks up at the CSE building on the way. 4 people with equipment, 5 without.
  • Jonathan Hsieh, Fremont, 6:30 - 5:00. Dan Halperin. Neva Cherniavsky. Aaron Kimball. [car full]
  • YongChul Kwon, U District/Northgate, 6:30 - 5:00. Fei Wu, Suporn Pongnumkul, Piatek Michael, Jjohn [car full].
  • Anna Cavender, Lake City, 6:30 - 5:00. 1 person with equipment or 2 without.
  • Tobias Oberlies, Ravenna/Campus, 7:00 - 5:30. Armin Hornung, Stefan Eckerfelt, ???, ???. Can fit a short person's equipment in the trunk.
  • James Lee, Capitol Hill, 6:45-coming back on Sat night. So this is probably not useful, but if you'd like to stay for another day we can give you a ride there and back. Big SUV- 3 people with equipment, 5 without.
  • Carl Ebeling, Wedgewood, will stop by CSE, 7:00 - 5:00. Krzysztof, Tyler, + 1 or 2.

Ski Clothing

Rentals include ski boots (or snowboard boots, if you go that way). I usually just wear sneakers to the mountain and change into dry socks as I put on my boots. You need a warm hat, gloves/mittens, pants, jacket, maybe a scarf/neckwarmer, ski goggles/sunglasses, and warm long socks (just wear one pair, even if they are thin). Underneath, wear layers for warmth and versatility if it warms up. Wool, silk, polyester, and polypro are better than cotton (which is not warm when wet). Ideally, the gloves, pants, and jacket should be waterproof or at least water resistant. Track pants/warmup pants work in a pinch. For more information on recommended clothing, go here: [10].

If you don't have clothing appropriate for winter sports, post your needs here. If you have extra gear, please email people to help fill their needs.

EXAMPLE: Ethan Katz-Bassett - I am unhappy with my color options. Looking for a blue coat and pink pants.

Roee: short (and maybe stupid) question from an unexperienced: is a helmet part of the rentals?

Ethan: I always wear a helmet and recommend it to everyone-- you never know when Hank might get out of control and run into you. I know one person who had her life saved by her helmet, and I've been knocked out twice even wearing mine. You can rent one for $8+tax at the rental shop, no reservation necessary. You can also rent lightweight ski pants and jacket for $33+tax-- bring layers to wear underneath.