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This page is for general information on living as a student in the UW-CSE dept. and the Seattle area. Grad students may also be interested in the grad guide wiki (CSE NetID required).

Note that we have recommendations for various places in the Seattle area, as well as a compilation of mailing lists and so forth.

Contributions and suggestions are welcomed! Just use the "edit" link on this page.

Recommendations that don't fit in the existing categories:

  • Recommended by Craig Kaplan and Andy Schwerin: FlexCar is a car sharing program that's great for occasional short trips if you don't want to own a car and rental is overkill.

Department info


Seattle area

These have been copied over and wikified from the old pages. Much of the content is outdated - please add your own recommendations and comments. A good way to find local businesses is with Yahoo! Maps. Type in your address, or UW's (I use "15th and 40th AVE NE 98105"), and get a map. On the right there is a link entitled Find More Nearby... that allows you to search the Yellow Pages by type or name. Bookmark for quicker access.