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The Ladder

  1. Tomas Isdal (isdal@cs)
  2. Andrey Kolobov
  3. Mausam
  4. Valentin Razmov
  5. Raj Rao
  6. Benjamin Ylvisaker (ben8@cs)
  7. Susumu Harada
  8. John P John
  9. Alex Yates (ayates@cs)
  10. Karim Filali
  11. Jonah Cohen (jonah@cs)
  12. Suporn
  13. Tom Anderson (tom@cs)
  14. Benjamin Ylvisaker (left) (ben8@cs)
  15. Krzysztof Gajos (kgajos@cs)
  16. Michael Piatek (piatek@cs)
  17. kayur
  18. Colin Dixon (ckd@cs)
  19. Brian Van Essen (vanessen@cs)
  20. Pravin Bhat (pro@cs)
  21. Colin Zheng (kzheng@cs)
  22. Lindsay Michimoto (lindsaym@cs)
  23. Henrik Jernevad (jernevad@cs)
  24. Tap Parikh (tapan@cs)
  25. Shani (cjayant@cs)
  26. Marius (marius@cs)
  27. Mike Toomim (toomim@cs)
  28. CSE366 (room366@cs)

The Rules

  • Players can challenge up to three places ahead.

  • If the challenger wins the match, then the winner will take the losers place, with the loser and all intermediate players moving down one place.

  • The outcome of a challenge is decided either on best-of-three games to 21 or best-of-five games to 11.
  • If a challenge is not responded to within 5 active school days then the challenger wins by default.
  • Players may insist on a 2 day waiting period before being issued a rematch challenge.

  • UPDATE: New players can challenge anyone on the ladder once, if they lose they have to start from the bottom of the ladder. Select your opponent with care!

Other Ladders

See the FüßBallLadder and LazerTagLadder.