Notes on upgrading this MediaWiki

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Note: the following are instructions for upgrading between minor versions; for major versions (x.y versions, as opposed to x.y.z versions), you should read the documentation for the revision.

Step 1: Backup LocalSettings.php

Step 2: Unpack MediaWiki tarfile into the proper directory

Step 3: Copy LocalSettings.php into $MEDIAWIKI_ROOT

Step N: Reinstall SpamBlacklist As far as I know, this must be reinstalled whenever you update MediaWiki to a new version; to do this, run the following:

cvs login
cvs co extensions/SpamBlacklist
cd extensions/SpamBlacklist
chmod +x load_lists
Then, follow the instructions in extensions/SpamBlacklist/README; in particular, ensure that the proper line is in LocalSettings.php. Also, copy the old local_blacklist file to the SpamBlacklist directory, and edit SpamBlacklist_body.php so that the SpamBlacklist function reads:
function SpamBlacklist() {
	global $IP;
	$this->files = array( "$IP/extensions/SpamBlacklist/wikimedia_blacklist" );
	array_push($this->files, "$IP/extensions/SpamBlacklist/local_blacklist");
Note the addition of the local_blacklist file.
Re-run the load_lists script periodically to get the latest spam blacklist.