NL Grounding Reading Group

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This is the wiki page for topics to be discussed in the NL grounding reading group.

When: Wednesdays, 3:30pm
Where: CSE 203

We also have a mailing list (
Contact: cynthia@cs

Schedule: Autumn 2012

Date Paper Authors Venue Leader Info
Oct 3 Learning to Connect Language and Perception Raymond J. Mooney AAAI 2008 Cynthia
Oct 10 Approaching the Symbol Grounding Problem with Probabilistic Graphical Models S. Tellex, T. Kollar, S. Dickerson, M. R. Walter, A. G. Banerjee, S. Teller, N. Roy AI Magazine. 32(4) Nicholas
Oct 17 Integrating Representation Learning and Skill Learning in a Human-Like Intelligent Agent (Nan Li, CSE 403)
Oct 24 Affiliates Event
Oct 31 WordsEye: An Automatic Text-to-Scene Conversion System Bob Coyne and Daniel Bauer and Owen Rambow. Gabe
Nov 7 Movie/Script: Alignment and Parsing of Video and Text Transcription T. Cour, C. Jordan, E. Miltsakaki, B. Taskar. ECCV 2008 Luke
Nov 14 Probabilistic Pointing Target Prediction via Inverse Optimal Control Brian D. Ziebart, Anind K. Dey, and J. Andrew Bagnell IUI 2012 Peter
Nov 21 Tanner
Nov 28 Arun
Dec 5
Dec 12

Potential Papers

Consider these as mere suggestions! Please check papers before assigning them.

Language Games/Language Evolution

Grounded Robotics

Grounding in Graphics / Vision