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People who consider switching from the PC to the Mac are often concerned about losing access to their favorites, or most important, applications. In this page, we briefly describe a range of options that are available to you. This is more geared towards Intel Macs.

Moving your data over
Apple has a How to Move To Mac page that is useful. Generally, if you buy a Mac from the Apple Store, they will move your data for you. You can also try Move2Mac software.

Use the same software on the Mac
A lot of software, especially Microsoft software, is available in a Mac version. For example, Office is all available in a Mac version. Files created in Mac Office are compatible with PC versions of Office, and vice versa.

Use functionally equivalent, but different software on the Mac
Instead of using the same application on the Mac, you could look at getting the same job done using native Mac software. As a bonus, many of these applications are free and open source. Check Suggested Applications.

Run the software you need remotely via RDC
You can remotely connect into any of the terminal servers on campus. Check Suggested Applications.

Run the software you need on a "PC"
Newer Intel macs can run most X86 software through a variety of techniques. Check Suggested Applications.