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Please put testimonials and the like on this page. If you know a great tech or sales person at these stores, make sure you mention them as well!

Apple Stores


University Village

While this Apple Store is the closest, it's also the one with the worst service. I have found them to be inflexible or slow to respond when I've had problems. Moreover, some of their geniuses are barely competent with the Macintosh platform. If you have to do repair here, try to get them to order the parts first and call you when they arrive -- it will be faster that way.

Bellevue Square

Bellevue Square

The folks at Bellevue Square are great. If you can make the drive out there, they are great at responding to customer needs.


Alderwood Mall



Local Stores

The Mac Store

These guys are at 45th and I-5 and I had good luck with them when my power cord broke. They are Apple certified and will probably be better if your Mac is an older model.