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Every year, we get the same questions. Figured an FAQ is the solution to that problem.

i've discovered that installing an application on a mac is really easy. you can usually just drag and drop the application to the applications folder. now how do i uninstall? is it the same?

To uninstall an Mac application, just throw away the app. It will leave behind preferences and the like so if you want to remove those, check ~/Library/Application\ Support/ or ~/Library/Preferences/ for remnants of the application. ~/Caches/ and ~/Logs are also good places to look. The other way is to look through Spotlight. If you want a one click solution, AppZapper or CleanApp

For non-GUI apps (DarwinPorts, Fink, etc) check that application's documentation. Pacifist is a great piece of software that allows you to look through the installer and figure out what it is installing where.

Oh wow, that's cool how did you do that?

Suggested_Applications probably has the application that did the cool thing. If not, add it.