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Retreat! Yay!

Planning for the first retreat for the LIL Group!


Someone needs to take responsibility for each of:

  1. General coordination - sending email about times/places/what to pack/who's doing what/etc.
  2. Finding a date
  3. Finding a place to stay
  4. Finding options for outdoor activities
  5. Making a meal plan and shopping for lots of food
  6. Sorting out vehicles (who's driving, when; reserving a large vehicle from fleet services)
  7. Organizing presentations (checking out a projector and screen, sending short email about times and subject)

Finding a date

We are going October 11-13.

Finding a place

We're staying here: The Miramar House

Organizer note: We've had good luck with this site:

Planning activities

The general schedule will probably look something like the following:

Tentative Retreat Schedule
Time Friday Saturday Sunday
9-10 Everyone should be getting ready to go. Picking up equipment, vans, shopping, etc. Wake up, cook breakfast. Wake up, cook brunch
10-11 Ideally we'll leave around 10:30-11 Eat and presentations Eat and presentations
11-12 Drive more presentations play on beach
12-1 Drive Finish presentations and drive to hike beachtime?
1-2 Drive hike drive back
2-3 Drive hike
3-4 Arrive, unpack. hike
4-5 unpack, check out beach hike and drive back
5-6 Cook dinner, hang out Cook dinner, hang out
6-7 Eat dinner Eat dinner
7-8 play boardgames more presentations? Arrive and prepare for 9am class!
8-9 have fire and s'mores have fire and s'mores


Sign up for a meal with one person or as a team:

Time Slot Name(s)
Fri. Dinner <Your name here>
Sat Breakfast Leila (and anyone else who would like to help??)
Sat Dinner Cynthia (and anyone else interested)
Sunday Brunch <Last one!>

Shopping list:

Enter what you'll need for what you're planning in the table alone. Try to include everything!

Time Slot Things to Buy
Fri. Dinner
Sat Breakfast TODO (eggs, ingredients for buttermilk pancakes, perhaps some fruit)
Sat Dinner
Sunday Brunch

Vehicle arrangements

We usually rent a van from UW Fleet Services, plus one or two people drive their own cars.

The steps for the UCar are:

  1. Get a budget number from Karla
  2. Make a UCar account:
  3. Go to the reservation page and update your Driver Profile to add the budget number, if needed
  4. Make a new reservation:

Organizer note: Everyone who might drive needs a UCar account; it's a good idea to have more than one possible driver. Sign up below!

Driver Name Completed Driver Training? Completed Van Training?
Gabe Yes No
Luke Yes Yes
Yoav Yes Yes
Cynthia Yes Yes

Organizing presentations

This requires:

  1. Checking out a projector and portable screen from the department beforehand.
  2. Picking it up from support. The "DaLite 70 inch screen" is the portable one that we used.
  3. We usually bring the lab projector.
  4. Making sure those objects + video cables, power cables, and relevant dongles get into vehicles.
  5. Sending out details about what people should prepare for.
  6. Getting everything back to the department when it's all done.

I've already checked out the DaLite screen and a projector from CSE. Sign up if you want to be responsible to pick them up on Friday morning before we leave, and drop them off on Monday when we get back. Also, please check to make sure we have appropriate dongles.

Equipment Czar

What to Pack

The places we stay are well-appointed; there's no need for things like sleeping bags. Everyone should, however, bring:

  • Bathing suit / tshirt&shorts / whatever for water.
  • Sunscreen.
  • Sunglasses.
  • Hat, gloves, jacket, hiking shoes/boots.
  • Extra socks. (Hiking!)
  • Usual overnight trip stuff -- clothes, toiletries, medication, etc.
  • A backpack.
  • Appropriate activity clothing (e.g., for snowshoeing, we specified "Gaiters, ski pants, or the most waterproof pants you have.")
  • House shoes.
  • Board games

It's often useful for someone to bring:

  • Bug spray.
  • Aloe vera gel.
  • Road maps.
  • Trail maps.
  • NSAIDs and other minor first aid stuff.


Thanks to the RSE lab for donating most of their wiki page!!