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The annual CSE Holiday Party is coming soon:

When: 6:00 PM on Friday, December 7, 2012.

Where: Center for Urban Horticulture [1]

What to bring: Food! It's a potluck, so sign up below...

The department will provide drinks and cups, plates, silverware, etc.

You may bring guests. If you're bringing something for the potluck, please try to bring enough for yourself, your guests and at least one more person.


The party starts at 6pm! Be sure to show up in time to eat food and watch the hilarious skits! For people taking leftovers to the afterparty, please help clean up on your way out.)

6:00: Dinner

7:00: Dr. CSE

7:30: Faculty skit

8:30: Grad student skit

9:30-10:00: Take leftover beer to after party


The Center for Urban Horticulture is a quick drive / bus ride / walk east of campus. You can find it on the UW campus map at:

Find it on Google at:,-122.289434&sspn=0.009132,0.021436&ie=UTF8&ll=47.658158,-122.290063&spn=0.001142,0.00268&t=h&z=19

It is also about a 15 min walk from the department. There is also plenty of parking on site, and bus routes 75 and 65 from campus go pretty much right there.

Potluck Sign-Up

To sign up, just add your name to the wiki. When signing up please try to keep the selection balanced, so that we do not end up with 50 desserts and no main dishes.

Note, to make edits on the wiki, you'll need to be logged in. If you don't already have a wiki account, just use:

u: HolidayParty

p: potluck


  1. Katelin Bailey -- something tasty (TBD)
  2. Dan Grossman -- TBD
  3. Caitlin Bonnar -- Fruit Slices/Fruit Salad
  4. Camille Cobb -- Smoked Tuna Dip
  5. Jon Barone -- Roasted red pepper dip, tomato jam
  6. Peter Henry -- Something easy to buy...probably pita/hummus. Though this "TBD" dish sounds popular...
  7. Linda Shapiro -- Something I buy at QFC on the way home, usually shrimp
  8. Brian DeRenzi -- Bread and cheese
  9. Eunsol Choi - Quinoa Salad
  10. Martin Tompa - TBD
  11. Mitchell Koch -- Mini quiches
  12. Lauren Milne-- something vegetarian
  13. Ben Wood -- lots of pears
  14. Thierry Moreau -- smoked gouda, parrano with black pepper croccantini
  15. Jinna Lei -- TBD
  16. Mausam -- veg pakora
  17. Add your name here (and the dish, if possible)

Main Courses

  1. Yun-En Liu: Beef wellington
  2. Michael Ernst: vegetarian main dish
  3. Aaron Bauer: Lasagna
  4. Rahul Banerjee: Rajma masala
  5. Raphael Fuchs: Älplermagronen or another Swiss dish
  6. Todd Schiller: something with meat
  7. Magda Balazinska: some type of chicken
  8. Mark Abel: Salmon
  9. Richard Ladner: some pasta dish
  10. Hank Levy: something from somewhere
  11. Svetoslav Kolev: Bulgarian moussaka or something else
  12. Supasorn: Pizza
  13. Ravi and Naveen: Chicken Curry
  14. Ivan Beschastnikh: something with cabbage
  15. Paul Beame: Butter Chicken
  16. Ricardo Martin: Pork Galician Empanada
  17. Lilian & Mayank: Couscous dish
  18. Cynthia & Karl: Ovo-vegetarian zucchini risotto
  19. Travis Mandel: Peanut noodles with Tofu (Vegan)
  20. Austin Webb: Mini-fritatas
  21. Add your name here (and dish if possible)

Side Dishes

  1. Adam Smith and Kathleen Tuite: Deviled Eggs (definitely not vile)
  2. Simon Peter (noodle salad)
  3. Daniel Epstein (TBD)
  4. Jonathan Bragg (something Mediterranean)
  5. Max Libbrecht (TBD)
  6. Brian Burg (Mashed Potatoes)
  7. Luke Zettlemoyer
  8. Justin Huang (spam musubi)
  9. Gaetano Borriello (TBD)
  10. Gabe Cohn (noodle kugel)
  11. David Choffnes (Whipped Chipotle Sweet Potatoes)
  12. Alan Borning (salad)
  13. Trevor Perrier (scalloped potatoes)
  14. Steve Tanimoto (salad)
  15. Pete Hornyack (mac & cheese)
  16. Jialin Li (Chicken wings??)
  17. Brandon Holt (something delicious)
  18. Nicholas FitzGerald (Mushroom Risotto)
  19. James Landay (salad)


  1. Luis Ceze and Karin Strauss. Something dessert-y.
  2. Yun-En Liu: Whiskey hazelnut mousse cake
  3. Daniel Perelman: cookies
  4. Dan Ports and Irene Zhang. Pie.
  5. Aaron Bauer: Cherry pie
  6. Adrian: More pie.
  7. Leila: Pumpkin roll! :D
  8. Justin Bare: Pecan pie
  9. Kyle Rector and Brandon Myers: Peanut butter chocolate pretzel bites
  10. Yoshi: brownies
  11. Marianne: variety of cookies/treats
  12. Franzi: Christstollen
  13. Tanner: Chocolate/caramel cake
  14. Travis Mandel: Vegan double chocolate cookies
  15. Add your name here (and the dish, if possible)

After Party

Hosted by Will, Justin, Eric, Trevor, Paul, PJ, Jinna, and Peter (yes, they are awesome):

5236 11th Ave NE, Seattle WA 98105

(The 67 and 48 go pretty close)