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This Date in History

On 5 December 1933, the 21st amendment to the United States constitution was ratified, repealing prohibition. 2008 is thus the 75th anniversary.


The annual CSE Holiday Party is coming soon:

When: 6:00 PM on Friday, December 5, 2008.

Where: Center for Urban Horticulture [1]

What to bring: Food! It's a potluck, so sign up below...

The department will provide drinks and cups, plates, silverware, etc.

Guests (friends, family, significant other etc.) are certainly welcome to attend. If you're bringing something for the potluck, just try to bring enough to feed you and however many guests you're bringing.


The Center for Urban Horticulture is a quick drive / bus ride / walk east of campus. You can find it on the UW campus map at:

Find it on Google at:,-122.289434&sspn=0.009132,0.021436&ie=UTF8&ll=47.658158,-122.290063&spn=0.001142,0.00268&t=h&z=19

There is plenty of parking on site, but it goes without saying that I think you should ride a bus ;) Routes 75 and 65 from campus go pretty much right there.

Potluck Sign-Up

To sign up, just add your name to the wiki. When signing up please try to keep the selection balanced, so that we do not end up with 50 desserts and no main dishes.

Note, to make edits on the wiki, you'll need to be logged in. If you don't already have a wiki account, just use:

u: HolidayParty2008

p: potluck


  1. Susumu Harada
  2. Kayur Patel
  3. Nodira Khoussainova
  4. Shannon Gilmore
  5. Christoffer Klang
  6. Christian Vollmer
  7. Travis Kriplean
  8. Dan Grossman
  9. Jesse Davis
  10. Tyler Robison
  11. Michael Piatek
  12. Ashish Deshpande
  13. Peter Henry
  14. Alan Ritter
  15. Tom Bergan

Main Courses

  1. David Notkin
  2. Yoshi Kohno
  3. Fei Wu
  4. Gaetano Borriello
  5. Kate Moore
  6. Dieter Fox
  7. Elizabeth Tseng
  8. Neva Cherniavsky
  9. Charlie Reis
  10. Michael Ernst
  11. Kevin Lai
  12. Chloe Kiddon

Side Dishes

  1. Magda Balazinska
  2. Sandra B. Fan
  3. Ben Ylvisaker
  4. Aniruddh Nath
  5. Kate Everitt
  6. Michael Buettner
  7. Erik Andersen
  8. Ivan Beschastnikh
  9. Ethan Katz-Bassett
  10. Alice Neels
  11. Hao Du
  12. Emily Wang
  13. Reid Holmes
  14. Francis Iannacci
  15. Alex Jaffe


  1. Brian Curless
  2. Craig Prince
  3. Nicole Cederblom
  4. Scott Saponas
  5. Dan Dembiczak
  6. Lisa Glendenning
  7. Widad Machmouchi
  8. Rosalia Tungaraza
  9. Lynn Yang
  10. Alan Liu
  11. Dave Bacon
  12. Colin Dixon
  13. Laura Effinger-Dean
  14. Krishnamurthy Dvijotham
  15. Matthew Kehrt
  16. Rohit Chaudhri

After Party

Elisa Celis has graciously offered to host the official After Party. The address is 2131 N 52nd St.