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The following banks have offices and ATMs near/on UW campus. Where possible, links into bank web sites are directly to WA state services information, but you know...dynamic pages happen.

  • US Bank (ATM/branch locator) - US Bank is "The Only Bank on Campus" having a full service branch location in the Husky Union Building as well as 10 UW ATM locations. Student Checking accounts are no minimum balance/service fee accounts with free checks and free non-US Bank ATM transactions. See the branch for details or call/e-mail Tom Powell, Branch Manager @ 206.543.2407 Tom Powell
  • Bank of America (ATM/branch locator) - branch on the Ave. at 47th, ATMs on Ave. and at U. Village shopping center (Note: The ATMs listed which have "University Village" as their location did not map properly on the Bank of America site as of 8 Sep 2001. U. Village is located down the hill northeast of campus.)
  • Key Bank (ATM/branch locator) - branch just west of the Ave. on 45th, ATMs there and at U. Village
  • United Savings & Loan Bank - branch two blocks west of the Ave. on 45th
  • Washington Mutual (ATM/branch locations) - branch on Brooklyn Ave. (one street west of the Ave.) at 43rd, ATMs there and at U. Village
  • Washington State Employees Credit Union (branch and ATM) - U. District branch, ATM, and drive-through on NE 45th St at 11th Ave NE (Intel Research Seattle building)
Sarah Schwarm: "They (like most credit unions) don't charge a fee for checking accounts and have better than average interest on savings. The biggest drawback is that they don't have a network of ATMs. [editor's note: As of Sep 2002, there is a WSECU ATM at the HUB near the etc. convenience store.] ...but they don't charge a fee for using another bank's ATM, so you can use any Washington Mutual ATM (they also don't charge for anyone to use theirs) for free. There are others, too - I think they gave me a list when I joined. Students are eligible to join WSECU, plus most grad students are TAs or RAs, so technically we're state employees, too." (Sep 2001)