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  1. What orientation do they prefer? (Do they most often use MobileASL at a table or in one hand etc?)
  2. How often do they use MobileASL as opposed to other video conferencing software?
  3. Average call duration?
  4. Do they use the texting option in Mobile ASL or do they revert to built-in texting when they need it?
  5. Before having MobileASL, what kind of technology did you use to communicate with other people?
  6. What type of conversation do you have through MobileASL?
  7. What kind of technology do you find that is still less accessible to the deaf community?
  8. What places do they use MobileASL?
  9. What times of the day do they use the phone?
  10. Which "groups" of people are calls made to (family, friends, work, etc)?
  11. Did they ever have to move to make a call so as not to seem awkward?
  12. Is it easy to move around while using MobileASL?
  13. Do they choose to use MobileASL while on the bus or riding in a car or do they wait until they get off?
  14. Are they able to notice when a call is incoming?
  15. How long did it take them to learn to use MobileASL?
  16. Do they know what all the buttons in MobileASL do?
  17. Which would you say you use more: phone calls in MobileASL or text in MobileASL?
  18. Which would you say you use more: MobileASL or a different mobile device?

High-Level (Grouping) Questions

In what ways is MobileASL different from video phone call (PC or set-top box)?

In what ways is MobileASL different from mobile texting?

In what ways is mobile VRS different from home VRS?

(How) does MobileASL affect users' existing device usage? (abandon, repurpose, subset of features...)

What environmental (or otherwise) adaptations do users make in order to use MobileASL?

In what ways is mobile VRS different from mobile VRI?

Questions to ZVRS

  1. Is it possible to create a one-time build of Z4 which takes in command line arguments to control different settings? The settings would be frame rate, frame size, and bitrate.

    For example, we would create a “wrapper” application that would launch Z4 and pass in the parameters to control those specific settings.

  2. Is it possible to create a build of Z4 where a signal is sent out after an action on the Z4 interface?

    Example of different actions include: start call, end call, declines call, selects privacy, acknowledging a missed call, after a call that used VRS, after a call that used PC.

    For example, to log when a person declines a call a “decline call” signal would be sent from Z4 and would be monitored by our wrapper application.

  3. How does Z4 recover from packet loss? Do you send I-frames?
  4. Does the bandwidth for receiving and transmitting video differ? If so, do you know the minimum values?
  5. Does the Z4 application detect the available bandwidth? If so, does video quality adaptively change depending on the available bandwidth?

Logging Data (unobtrusive logging)

  • Calls
    • Call type
      1. incoming
      2. outgoing
    • Missed Call
    • Declined Call
    • Who the call was made to/from
      1. User name
      2. IP address
      3. Phone Number
    • Call Duration
    • Call start time
  • Connectivity
    • Type of connection used during call (4G, 3G, WiFi
    • GPS data when call was initiated
    • GPS data when call ended
    • Whether or not it was a VRS call

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